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Production: Dhilip Subbarayan, First Copy Pictures Cast: Imman Annachi, Murugadoss, Nandita, Pasupathy, Subbu Panchuarunachalam, Vemal Direction: Thangam Saravanan Screenplay: Thangam Saravanan Story: Thangam Saravanan Music: Gopi Sundar Background score: Gopi Sundar Cinematography: Ravi Kannan Dialogues: Thangam Saravanan Editing: Praveen.K.L Art direction: MG Murugan Stunt choreography: Super Subbarayan Dance choreography: Santhi Aravind Lyrics: Ekadasi, Lalith Anand, Na.Muthukumar, Yuga Bharathi PRO: Suresh Chandra Distribution: Auraa Cinemas

Whenever one finds a name board of a shop with “Since xxxx” on it, it is more than certain that it has a strong history and heritage linked to it. Anjala is the tale of one such tea shop that grows to become the identity of a town in 100 years of its existence.

The concept is as unique as it sounds and the audiences are sure to draw some kind of emotional connect with the tea stall. Was the well established connect exploited constructively is the question that might be answered through this review.

Pasupathi who has already proved his mettle as a method actor, single handedly markets Anjala across to its viewers. Director Thangam Saravanan should be appreciated for the neat character sketch penned for Pasupathi’s character as the clarity on paper is evident in an actor’s portrayal.

Vemal, Nandita, Subbu Panchu, Aadukalam Murugadoss, Imman Annachi and many others join the impressive lineup of star cast. All of them who are part of the cast list seems to have worked hand in hand with the director’s writing. Though one feels that the director should have done a better job with the character sketch of others too.

Few places without deliberation enters a serial like and an over dramatic mode. This might act as a put off to the audiences who have started appreciating realism in films.

Special mention to the flashback portion that was presented aesthetically; both in performance and technique. Gopi Sundar's music and BGM is functional. Though the expectations from him are high, it neither enhanced nor disturbed the experience.

The second half has few troubles in terms of narration. It goes by a check list format where all the conflicts build up in the first half are settled one by one. You tend to imagine the director ticking off his list in an imaginary thought bubble.

There is a particular point in the climax where the film could have satisfyingly come to a closure, but it drags further. 

Sincere work rendered by Ravi Kannan behind the camera and Praveen KL while handling cuts helps Anjala come to light without any trouble with respect to the quality of production. Stunt master Dhilip Subbarayan debuts as a producer with this feature for Farmer’s Master Plan Productions. Genuinity towards the trade is visible as he selects a unique concept for his debut.

In a nutshell, Anjala might remind you of a similar spot that might have existed in your town too, but it does not drive you to go back there although that may have been the intention of the director.

Verdict: Pasupathy stands tall in this dramatic and sluggish tea stall tale.
( 2.25 / 5.0 )


Anjala (aka) Anjalai

Anjala (aka) Anjalai is a Tamil movie with production by Dhilip Subbarayan, First Copy Pictures, direction by Thangam Saravanan, cinematography by Ravi Kannan, editing by Praveen.K.L. The cast of Anjala (aka) Anjalai includes Imman Annachi, Murugadoss, Nandita, Pasupathy, Subbu Panchuarunachalam, Vemal.