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Chiyaan Vikram directs a song for the spirit of Chennai.
A lot of positive activities during the floods in Chennai have brought in some remarkable change in the attitude of the public. The affected people were surprised to see the amount of effort from volunteers who had nothing to do with that particular area but still made generous contributions. 
Also, there have been songs dedicated to the Chennai floods and the following relief efforts. From music enthusiasts to celebrities, songs are being composed and released as videos in the online social media for the public's notice.
One such recent happening is about actor Vikram's video for this cause. A song has been composed by a musician named Girinandhan who, along with Rokesh, Madhan Karky and Gaana Bala, has worked on the lyrics.
More than 24 odd singers have rendered their voices to this number and when the composer was contacted he said,

'Vikram sir called me one night and told me that he was deeply affected by the calamity and that he wanted to make a song about it. For more than a week he didn't sleep and spent all the time with us in the studio. In fact, he has thoroughly involved himself in the video and has directed every bit of it. We were supposed to have a release before the New year but due to some extra work needed to enhance the output, we are delaying it a bit. The song will talk about the spirit of Chennai and you are going to love it'. 
That is one commendable effort from Chiyaan Vikram.


Chiyaan Vikram directs a song for the spirit of Chennai.

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