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Madhan Karky talks about Dont You Mess With Me number in Vedalam

Songs of the Ajith starrer Vedalam are out and have caught on the attention of the fans. Out of the five songs, Don’t You Mess With Me, written by Madhan Karky sounds pretty interesting. The lyricist known for introducing new words in Tamil has given a mix of Tamil and English words for this number. We catch up with the techno lyricist:


“This number is an experimental one. The idea was actually Anirudh’s. He had most of the English words already. I spent time on the Tamil portions and some of the English lines in between. The song is actually a two-in-one song. The first part of it tells why the girl hates the man and her anger towards him. The second part actually happens after a couple of scenes when she falls in love with him and is impressed with his character wherein it transforms into a love portion. Usually there will be two songs in other films, but we wanted both the emotions to be in the same track and at the same time did not want it to sound scornful. It was challenging. Also, musically it is a different one for a Tamil song as that’s the treatment the team wanted.


In the second half, it begins with Tamil. She says that her definition of manhood was someone who trounces many men, but he showed that manhood can also be a tear drop at the corner of his eye for a woman. She says that amidst all the lies, he is the truth, amidst all garbage, he is the purity, amidst all the noise, he is the melody and so on. Her complete change over is represented in this song. These things happen as part of the story.


This is a totally different kind of song for me in terms of genre. It’s a kind of rock EDM style. For such a song, people would either love it completely or hate it completely”.     


Madhan Karky talks about Dont You Mess With Me number in Vedalam

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