Release Date : Nov 27,2015
Uppu Karuvadu (aka) Uppu Karuvaadu review

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Production: First Copy Pictures, Night Show Pictures
Cast: Karunakaran, M.S.Baskar, Nandita, Sathish
Direction: Radha Mohan
Screenplay: Radha Mohan
Story: Radha Mohan
Music: Steve Vatz
Background score: Steve Vatz

After making memorable movies like Mozhi and Abhiyum Naanum, Radha Mohan has come out with a ‘pakka’ comedy film in the form of Uppu Karuvadu with elements that stamp his presence all over. You can find Radha Mohan’s touch all over the film, particularly in the comedy department, which works bewitchingly well.

They say, if you cast well, your job is halfway done. That is an undeniable fact and something that has gone in favor for Radha Mohan in Uppu Karuvadu. All the lead casts fit the roles like a mitten starting with Karunakaran who plays the role of an aspiring director who is filled with sarcasm, humor and satire. At places his character requires to take the plunge to get more emotional and serious, which he does it so effortlessly.

You can have a Radha Mohan film even without Prakash Raj but not in the absence of this underused talent Kumaravel. Right from Azhagiya Theeye to Uppu Karuvadu, Radha Mohan finds one of the most lovable characters for Kumaravel. It is sad that other directors just don’t see him the way Radha Mohan does.

MS Bhaskar, Nanditha, Charms, Mayilsamy, Doubt Senthil, Daddy Saravanan, Rachitha, Sathish, Narayanan - they all deserve to be lauded for their fluent performance. Doubt Senthil is the pick of the lot when it comes to evoking laughter. His character works big time on screen. Everyone has done their bit to crack people up. Though the pillar of the film is comedy, beyond a point the fun elements do get a little repetitive and become dime a dozen.

The first half of the film is lively and fairly entertaining, but the core concept gets diluted a little towards the later part of the second half and gets stranded at a particular point before taking the center again soon later. The screenplay could have been a little tighter, especially in the second half.

A remarkable film has to stand tall in every single department and that is where Uppu Karuvadu falls flat. The technical department shows glimpses of promise here and there, but one feels that they just couldn’t cut the mustard. The songs are a hindrance and even the BGM does not elevate some of the impactful scenes to the desired extent.

The film at the end of the day might make you wear a pleasant smile on your face, but one might wonder what is actually missing in it. It has some fun elements for which you might laugh your heart out, but is it thoroughly satisfactory? It might not, at least for some.

Verdict: A decent flick that could crack you up!
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Uppu Karuvadu (aka) Uppu Karuvaadu

Uppu Karuvadu (aka) Uppu Karuvaadu is a Tamil movie with production by First Copy Pictures, Night Show Pictures, direction by Radha Mohan. The cast of Uppu Karuvadu (aka) Uppu Karuvaadu includes Karunakaran, M.S.Baskar, Nandita, Sathish.