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Interview Team : Jyothsna; Venkat; Ashok Kumar

Director Radha Mohan is always known for his clean, humorous family entertainers and this time around, he is ready with his next Uppu Karuvadu which is hitting the screens tomorrow, the 27th November. Jyothsna Bhavanishankar catches up with the director for a quick chat on his film.



What is Uppu Karuvadu all about?

The story is set in a coastal area but at the same time, it is not about fishermen or their lives. It is about few youngsters who, after a few drinks end up in the seashore. It is a comical take. 


Will your trademark humor be present in this film?

Of course! I have done many films. Even in my strong sensitive subjects, humor will always find its place. But I have done Uppu Karuvadu in an out and out comedy genre. It will cover all types of audience, from multiplex to single screens. Everybody can relate to it.

 Humor will always find its place in my work


What made you choose Karunakaran as the main protagonist?

For this story of mine, I wanted someone who looked simple without a huge image; somebody with a boy-next-door look or a common man. I have also been watching Karunakaran’s performance in films and the kind of roles he is essaying. In my opinion, Karunakaran is a talented performer who can do beyond comedy. He fit the bill perfectly. I approached him, he agreed and that’s how he came on board. He has satisfied my expectations completely.

 Karunakaran is a talented performer who can do beyond comedy



In the recent times, Nanditha comes across to me as a good performer who chooses different kinds of roles. In Uppu Karuvadu, it is not a regular heroine role that Nanditha has played. Her role will have two shades, something like a dual role which I don’t want to reveal now. It is a very challenging role and I felt that she can do justice to it. The look of the character also matched her. When she heard the narration, she enjoyed and immediately consented to do it. 

Nanditha is a good performer who chooses different kinds of roles


Supporting cast

There is a huge battalion of supporting cast in Uppu Karuvadu in the form of Charms, Mayilsamy, MS Bhaskar, Kumaravel, Marimuthu, Narayanan, TV fame ‘doubt’ Senthil and others. All of them have done a wonderful job. The shooting spot itself was so much fun, thanks to the artists!


Music director Steeve Vatz

I met him through Gautham Menon for another project. Gautham spoke high of him and he introduced me to him. He is a guitarist and has worked with Raja sir and Harris Jayaraj. He has got the experience and talent and I wanted to use that for my film. 


Whose idea was it to make Gautham Menon sing in Uppu Karuvadu?

It was Steeve’s idea to make Gautham sing. They have done some jamming sessions together. When he was working for this song, he wanted to try Gautham’s voice and I was like ‘wow’. I have heard Gautham sing in friend and party circles but not beyond that. Gautham was also ok with the idea. He came and sang and everybody liked it. His song will be like a montage.

 I have heard Gautham sing in friend and party circles


Usually your films are funded by Prakash Raj. This time, it is not. Any reason?

There is no particular reason. He was busy with his commitments and when this offer came along, I agreed. I have done this on a first copy basis. It was a good experience for me.



I have shot the entire film in areas in Chennai. Most of the film was shot in Nainarkuppam, near ECR. I did not go out of Chennai even for song sequences.


What is the USP of Uppu Karuvadu?

There are many characters in the film with scope for performance for all. They have all done a brilliant job. As a director that’s what struck me the most. You cannot pinpoint one person and say that he or she has excelled. Secondly there will be clean humor in my film. That said there would also be a subtle good message. 

There will be clean humor in my film



All of us have a dream to chase and in this journey of ours, there are small time benefits and we tend to make compromises. When we do that, we actually don’t acquire what we actually set out for. This is the message that I have conveyed in Uppu Karuvadu and everybody can relate to it, not just creative people. When you are passionate about something, go for it in full throttle, don’t compromise. You will get what seek only when you take this route.  


Wish you all the best Radha Mohan!


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar





When you are passionate about something, don’t compromise in your pursuit



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