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Shruti Haasan is riding high on a success wave. Her recent release Singam 3 with Suriya is much talked about and she has started work with Pawan Kalyan in Katamarayudu, the remake of Veeram. Catch the pretty actress in an exclusive conversation with Senior Editor Jyothsna Bhavanishankar.


Congrats on Singam3. How was it working with Suriya after 7aum Arivu?

Suriya sir is as dedicated, hard-working and committed as he was in 7 aum Arivu

It was a wonderful experience having worked with Suriya sir. He is extremely humble and dedicated to his craft. It was nice to have worked with Hari sir after Poojai. Suriya sir is as dedicated, hard-working and committed as he was in 7 aum Arivu.


Can you shed some light on Katamarayaudu with Pawan Kalyan, Veeram remake?

Katamarayudu is not exactly like Veeram

It is very nice to be working with Pawan Kalyan sir again after Gabbar Singh which is an important film in my career. It is a lovely role and I am sure family audiences would enjoy it very much. 

Nobody makes remakes just as it is and the regional sensibilities are always taken into consideration. The film is not exactly like Veeram and is completely different. I would not even compare. My role would be different from the one in the Tamil version. There are many modifications.


Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan will always be special for me

Gabbar Singh with Pawan Kalyan will always be special for me. He is a wonderful costar in the sense that he is very unique among the people that I have worked with; he cares about things more than just cinema. It is always interesting to work with him.


How has Sabash Naidu shaped up?


I finished most of my portions in the film and there is very little left for me. It has shaped up really well


How is dad?

He is much better and is recovering which is a very good thing. We are all looking forward to seeing him back at the sets.


When would you resume shoot for Sabash Naidu? Would it be here or in the USA?

As soon as possible, we would resume. My portions which are left to be shot are in the country only.


Behan Hogi Teri- What kind of a film would that be?

It is a simple, romantic comedy and something which will really touch our hearts. I have completed the shoot and the film is expected to release in May.


Sanghamithra, a magnum opus. Can you tell us about your role?

I feel honored and happy to be offered such an amazing role in Sanghamithra

There is not much I can talk about it now, except that I feel so honored and happy to be offered such an amazing role. I will be playing the title role and will be beginning in July.


You were trolled a lot during Premam Telugu. How do you take such trolling and how do you handle them?

I never paid attention to Premam trolls

The success of Premam (Telugu) is a good enough come back for me. I could not understand why people were doing that without seeing the film and without seeing what the person has delivered, as there was no logic in it. If they think they can comment without seeing a film, let them do it. So I never paid attention to it. I just did my work and my work spoke for itself. People liked it and that to me is a great success.


Social media trolls of celebs. Your take?

Why would you give them respect or time or thought?

Social media, in my opinion, has a lot of positive qualities, which I use positively to connect with people. I focus on that. People who are frustrated or unhappy with their life find ways to take it out on others. They hide behind social media, which says a lot about them. They would never have the courage to put their face on display picture, instead, it will again be an actor’s face. You can only feel bad for them. You can’t take it personally. Therefore, why would you give them respect or time or thought? It is not worth it. Those who give you good energy, you give your energy back to them. These poor people, if they are unhappy about something in their life, we can’t go and save them.


Updates on the musical front?

I am trying to make more music. Definitely, there would be more music happening. It is always a part of my life and it will continue.


You had invited Tamannah for your birthday party. Can you talk abt your friendship with her?

Tamannaah is a positive person and I enjoy spending time with her

There were other actors also in the party but I guess people would like to talk about two actresses getting together. Perhaps, they feel it is too impossible to see two actresses coming together. She has been a good friend and both of us have been busy with our work and don’t find the time to hang out with each other. But I have always been fond of her as a person. She is a very warm individual, hard working, dedicated and professional. I genuinely feel she is a very positive person and I enjoy spending time with her


There were negative feedbacks on your role in Vedalam. What is your take on it?

I was very happy working with Ajith sir

We can’t make everybody happy. I liked the role and enjoyed doing it. It was not like anything I had done earlier and people appreciated it. There were many who really loved the role. I got feedback like – you really made us laugh and it was very funny and we got entertained. I was very happy working with Ajith sir and the director has proved successful. I have no regret having done that role.


You have worked with almost all the leading heroes in Tamil. Any dream director or hero you want to team up with?

Nothing like that. I am blessed to have gotten so many amazing roles with amazing teams and co-stars and I just hope to continue. I don't have a wish list per se, to be honest.


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar



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