Release Date : Oct 09,2015
Kaththukkutti (aka) Kaththukkutty review

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Production: R Ramkumar
Cast: Narain, Soori, Srushti Dange
Direction: R Saravanan
Screenplay: R Saravanan
Story: R Saravanan
Music: Aruldev
Background score: Aruldev
Cinematography: Santhosh Sriram
Dialogues: R Saravanan

To put all your random, yet good thoughts to an effective use, you must master the art of streamlining them. This seems to be the threat to this debut director R Saravanan, who shows signs of carrying a very matured take on politics and socio-economic issues of our country but fails at designing and presenting them in an aesthetic manner.

Kaththukkutti manages to push us to the zone of questioning and reasoning with few dialogues that the lead character's mouth, concerning the situation of peasants and the threat to the fertility of agricultural land in our country. This element stands as the only winner for this team. Enforcement of commercial elements in terms of an item/bar song and stereotypical background score challenge the engagement of the viewer.

The lead Narain known for his cultured performance in the past looks tired and worn out on the screen. If one thinks that this is his get up for the film, justification for the same is missing. Srushti Dange plays well for the scope given to her character along with other pivotal roles.

Soori’s slapstick counters sure are an entertainer and at instances the only resort for the audience. Inconsistency in the narration and technical aspects is a put off. One tends to hold a minimal expectation of seeing a power-packed climax for the kind of things the storyteller hints throughout the film but the inconsistent rhythm pattern continues and the film ends the same way.

Overall Kaththukkutti is a commercial entertainer with good intentions that is spilt over at places. Special mention to the edit pattern in the opening sequence and the visuals of the duet song, ‘Kalakkattu Kannala Menakettu’.

Verdict: Good intentions but everything else messed!
( 2.0 / 5.0 )


Kaththukkutti (aka) Kaththukkutty

Kaththukkutti (aka) Kaththukkutty is a Tamil movie with production by R Ramkumar, direction by R Saravanan, cinematography by Santhosh Sriram. The cast of Kaththukkutti (aka) Kaththukkutty includes Narain, Soori, Srushti Dange.