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Release Date : Dec 06,2013
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Production: Ananth Govindan, Arun Vaidyanathan
Cast: Lekha Washington, Prasanna
Direction: RS Prasanna
Screenplay: RS Prasanna
Story: RS Prasanna
Background score: Arrora
Cinematography: Krishnan Vasant
Singers: Arrora, Chinmayi, Haricharan, Keerthana, Megha Harini, Nikita, Prassana, Sangeetha Rajeshwaran
Lyrics : Harish Raghavendra, Muthamizh, Sakthi, Srikanth
PRO: Nikhil Murugan
Kalyana Samayal Saadham (aka) Kalyana Samayal Saadham release expectation


This RS Prasanna directed rom-com about a big fat Indian wedding, as the name signifies, is produced by Arun Vaidyanathan whose earlier venture includes the critically acclaimed Achchamundu Achchamundu. Prasanna and Lekha Washington play the lead and the movie is generating a lot of positive buzz. Director Prasanna thinks you should not miss this film and he has some convincing arguments to make.

According to him, the film is “about the marriage of a modern day couple.” He also strongly feels that “this film is for all who are concerned about marriage.” Which is practically everyone of us.

Since it is a universal subject, Prasanna feels, “everyone from college students to elderly couples can relate to the story.”

Though it is an out and out fun film, the humour will be realistic and Prasanna claims the movie “has a naughty theme, which is a surprise.”

Prasanna also feels that Prasanna and Lekha Washington have put in their career best performances.

Thanks to reinventing a new format of song presentation, the Mella Sirithai song went viral and according to Prasanna, “people are actually demanding ‘Mella Sirithai’ type marriage videos and invitations. “That to me is a big success,” he chimes in.

KSS is among very few films that did the final sound mix in Warner Bros studios. “Just to spend time at a studio where geniuses like Spielberg and Scorsese have worked is a huge honour,” he adds.

How many Tamil films have had the honour of being featured in the ABC channel in the US? KSS has been featured in Born To Explore with Richard Wiese, which will be aired in February 2014.

At a crisp 1 hour and 55 mins (approx), the movie is a “short and fun movie” according to its director. “Personally I’m a fan of shorter movies. I believe creating an impact in a short duration will stay longer in the minds of the audiences.”

The movie has got a U/A certificate. Ask him why, he says, “The trailers and posters of KSS might look very light hearted. But this movie is not just about the good and happy sides of a marriage. It also discusses other things that are important in a good marriage. These are the things that we are generally shy to discuss about and these topics are definitely not for children.”

To sum up, RS Prasanna urges everybody to “come and discover love with KSS.” The movie is releasing this weekend all over.


Kalyana Samayal Saadham (aka) Kalyana Samayal Saadham

Kalyana Samayal Saadham (aka) Kalyana Samayal Saadham is a Tamil movie with production by Ananth Govindan, Arun Vaidyanathan, direction by RS Prasanna, cinematography by Krishnan Vasant. The cast of Kalyana Samayal Saadham (aka) Kalyana Samayal Saadham includes Lekha Washington, Prasanna.