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Release Date : Nov 29,2013
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Production: M Hemanth
Cast: Manisha Yadav, Parthiban, Poorna, Vidharth, Vimal
Direction: Karu Pazhaniappan
Screenplay: Karu Pazhaniappan
Story: Sugeeth
Background score: Vidyasagar
Cinematography: Arbhindu Saaraa
Dialogues: Karu Pazhaniappan
Editing: Saravanaa
Stunt choreography: Dhilip Subburayan
Dance choreography: Siva Sankar
Singers: Abirami, Aishwarya, Anuradha Sriram, Aravindh, Aslitha, Boopalam Prakash, Haricharan, Harish, K.Lakshman, Priya Hemesh, Priyadarshini, Rishi, Senthil, Sicily, Tipu, Velmurugan, Vishal
Lyrics : Yugabharathi
PRO: Nikhil Murugan
Jannal Oram (aka) Jannal Oram release expectation


The Tamil remake of one of the best Malayalam movies of 2012, Sugeeth’s Ordinary, titled Jannal Oram is releasing on 29th November. Directed by Karu Palaniappan, the film is a multi-starrer featuring, Vemal, Parthipan, Manisha Yadav, Poorna, Vidharth, Ramana, Ilavarasu, Santhana Bharathi and many others. Here’s why, according to Poorna, you should watch the movie.

“Jannal Oram is a remake, but a well made one. The subject is such that, it will make sense to all kinds of people and will work well across all the industries,” begins Poorna.

According to the actress, the film is about the adventure of a public bus. “The story happens in remote village and you must not miss the grandeur of the locations. There’s only one bus that goes to this village and a lot of interesting things happen around the bus,” she hints.

The other important ingredient of the movie is apparently friendship. “Jannal Oram talks very highly of friendship and you’ll enjoy the movie for that,” says Poorna.

Talking about the characters in the film, Poorna says, “Parthipan plays Karuppu, the bus driver. His comic sense and timing is impeccable. He is the key contributor of comedy in the movie. As the trailer suggests, Parthiban’s character keeps talking and particularly with the village belles”.

“Vemal’s the conductor, who goes by the name, Subbiah.” She informs and adds, “I’d say no one would’ve suited better for the role, other than Vemal.”

Manisha Yadav apparently plays Kalyani, an innocent and bubbly village girl. According to Poorna, Vemal and Manisha Yadav’s pair has worked out big time.

Poorna plays a teacher named Nirmala Devi. “Nirmala is nothing like me. She is calm, composed and very quiet,” she explains. The best character in the movie, according to the actress is the one Vidharth play. “He’s my favorite in the movie. He has put in a lot of efforts and taken immense risks for the part. You must watch the film, just for him,” she says.

Jannal Oram will come out this weekend along with Naveena Saraswati Sabatham and Vidiyum Munn.


Jannal Oram (aka) Jannal Oram

Jannal Oram (aka) Jannal Oram is a Tamil movie with production by M Hemanth, direction by Karu Pazhaniappan, cinematography by Arbhindu Saaraa, editing by Saravanaa. The cast of Jannal Oram (aka) Jannal Oram includes Manisha Yadav, Parthiban, Poorna, Vidharth, Vimal.