"Producers, who have got Santhanam in their movie, will have to conduct events only in big stadiums" - Event Story

Apr 14, 2014

The audio launch of Santhanam starrer Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham happened in Devi Theatre on 14th April. The event was attended by the cast and crew of the movie – the hero Santhanam, the heroine Ashna Zaveri, VTV Ganesh, Mirchi Senthil, the director Srinath, the music director Siddharth Vipin and the stunt master FEFSI Vijayan, along with actors Udhayanidhi Stalin, Parthiban and Mayilsamy, and directors M Rajesh and Jaguar Thangam, among others. The album was launched by popular Telugu director SS Rajamouli. It is to be noted that Vallavanukku Pullum Ayutham is a remake of SS Rajamouli’s Maryada Ramanna.
The theatre was flooded with fans of Santhanam. UTV Dhananjayan said, “Hereafter, producers, who have got Santhanam in their movies, will have to conduct events only in big stadiums to accommodate all his fans. So many people have come to see our Santhanam.”
The hero of the day, musician Siddharth Vipin talked about the team and the fun they had making the movie. He was at his innocent best when he said that VTV Ganesh had given him inputs about songs, and how the final output of the songs should be. Even, Mirchi Senthil, who plays an important role in the movie, acknowledged Siddharth’s innocence. He said, “I never expected Siddharth to deliver this good music. He behaves innocently in the sets, but in the music department he becomes a champ. I think, he is a split personality.”
Dance was an important topic of discussion during the event. VTV Ganesh said, “The one highlight of Maryada Ramanna was the then comedian, who had become a big star after the movie's release, Sunil’s dance. We had our doubts whether Santhanam could perform that. Santhanam proved us wrong. He worked hard for three months, practiced hard and has performed exceedingly well in the dance department.”
Udhayanidhi Stalin shared an interesting snippet, “When we were to dance for OKOK’s Venaam Machan, Santhanam would ask the dance master to make the already simple steps even simpler. During the time of Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal, I took dance sequences very lightly because I was confident that I could dance better than Santhanam. But, it was then I learned that Santhanam had been going to dance classes. That’s the effort he has put for the movie.”
Even Santhanam acknowledged the hardships he faced during the dance sequences, especially the mass intro number. He said, “I became tired just seeing the dancers dance. However choreographer Rajesh Kanna, my friend, helped me a lot, and it had come out well.” He also added on how difficult it was for him to do the fight sequences.
Santhanam said, “I am here because of my fans – my friends. Right from my days in the Lollu Sabha team, my friends would ask me to become a hero. I wasn’t very confident about becoming one, until Maryada Ramanna happened. I and director Srinath, when we played comedy roles, would compare Tamil movies only to Hollywood movies. We would discuss of how English heroes never had any friend roles along with them to do comedy, and how we would lose our jobs if such a trend comes to Tamil Cinema.”
Everyone who talked in the event were confident about the success of the movie. FEFSI Vijayan said, “For a movie to be a success, it needs certain Ss. This movie has many such Ss – Santhanam, Srinath, musician Siddarth Vipin, DoP Shakthi and editor Saikanth. These Ss sure will make the movie a big success.”
Well, we wish the Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham team, the very best.



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