Suriya:"Madras will definitely be a path breaker for Karthi after a long time" - Event Story

Jun 23, 2014

The audio launch of Karthi starrer Madras happened yesterday, the 23rd of June. The audio launch was graced by film personalities, the cast and crew of the movie, including Gana Bala, Mime Gopi, and actor Sivakumar. With the trailer that was released yesterday getting good responses all over the social media, the crew is happy with the outcome.

The stage opened up with Suriya talking about how an actor has to choose a different path rather than taking up the standard roles, which sometimes turn out to seem like a different job.

Apparently the crew sometimes had to shoot for 18 - 30 hours at a stretch with major night shoots, thus showing their dedication and commitment to their work with all the technicians putting maximum effort and pulling off a good movie.

According to Suriya Madras will definitely be a path breaker for Karthi after a long time.

Apparently, when Karthi was approached with the script, he gave it a read and immediately impressed with it, he could remember all the characters name after a read. He immediately called up Ranjith and was roped in for the movie.  This movie gave him a chance to break from his normal roles and go outside his comfort zone. As the shoot progressed he became really conscious of his acting and didn’t want to be very cinematic as the rest of the actors, who were theatre artists, gave phenomenal performances with absolute dedication and sincerity. A special mention was to the DOP, and art team who had pulled off a visual treat with vibrant colors adding a totally different tone to the movie. Karthi further said he had a totally new and wonderful experience living a different life in North Madras with its different communities and varied backgrounds all culminating in a single place. Karthi also profusely praised Santhosh for giving a musical treat which goes on par with the visuals Ranjith had brought out. Karthi apparently heard “Aasai oru…” on loop while travelling in his car for whole day and he had never done that for any other song ever.

The heroine Catherine opened her speech with a few lines in Tamil to the applause of the audience then shifted to English in which she was more comfortable in. She was thankful to the director Ranjith and said that he was a gem and one of the most inspiring persons she had ever met. She felt proud to act in a Tamil movie that too in a movie like Madras with the amazing backing of Studio Green who made her feel comfortable at every point. She states that the experience gave her a totally new perspective to life.

Director Ranjith said he wanted to portray the lifestyle, politics and real life stories of the indigenous Chennai folks in a proper manner. He was also all praise for the Music Composer Santhosh Narayanan. Being from an Arts College, Ranjith and his art direction team made Madras what it is, by giving life to the props and set. 

According to Ranjith, cinema is learning and that he constantly keeps learning new things from working with his crew. He mainly thanked his unit people whose support was of mammoth help without whom this movie would not have been completed.  And of course Studio Green the constant backbone, the pillar of strength and support.

Santhosh started by saying that he had been working with a Sydney orchestra for a long time. During Attakathi he had mailed them and they were really impressed with Gana and Parai isai and wanted to work together. Leon Zervos who had worked with Lady Gaga etc - the ‘mastering’ engineer - got in touch with them and through him they were able to contact big musicians from all over.

Santhosh says he and Gana Bala always experimented with different styles of music and in this they have tried out a song with a Clarinet expert. They headed to Sydney for recording, and recorded the Gana Bala portion from Chennai, facing difficulties in live online recording but managed to do it successfully. According to him it was truly a superb experience and he thanked all the technicians who had worked in the music department and director Ranjith for choosing him.

Studio Green had initially thought why Karthi hadn’t taken up any serious scripts after Nan Mahaan Alla, and when this came to him, they knew it was the right one. They were happy that Attakathi went well and that their current collaboration with the Ranjith - Karthi combo is bound to make this movie a sure shot success. They released the official trailer yesterday, and were happy with the response they had received. They were extremely happy with Santhosh’s sincerity and his work has exceeded expectations. They were grateful to all media persons for their constant support through the years.



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