Minute by minute update on Anjaan Teaser Success Meet ! - Event Story

Jul 08, 2014

What is the need for celebration? 
Mutual acceptance over a qualified product. 
Anjaan's teaser has managed to reach the 1.2 million mark in just 48 odd hours. So, the last minute preparations from the Producers resulted on a pleasant success meet with a difference. All the Twitter and Facebook fans of Suriya were also cordially invited to be part of the joyful moment. 
When films are made for the fans, why should celebrations happen at a remote beach house without them? 
Anjaan team made the first step – they have included their fans in this meet.
After officially welcoming the gathering and then flagging off with a beautiful looking tasty cake (which everyone was given a chance to taste), the event began. Here are some excerpts from the speeches of key members.
I am you! I am firstly a fan! This movie is for you! I always have wanted to work with Suriya! I have achieved a challenge which I dreamt of! Even if Suriya walks he has to get claps. This movie will give him that. I met him for a couple of times before getting this film on floors. Thanks to Thirrupathi Brothers Film Media Pvt. Ltd. and UTV Motion Pictures for such a launch. We had shot only in Bombay and Goa. Thanks to the producers, the logistics were all easy. For a commercial movie, we have a template of placing heroines, but Samantha has been given due importance! Yuvan has given a bigger musical spectacle than Paiya. And, Suriya has sung a song! Also, he did the song in just two hours! Before I could reach home from the studio to wish him luck, the song recording was done. I was surprised. It is destined to be a hit. 
This film is a pressure to me. I have to satisfy the fans. Please come in with lots of expectations, but don't come with over expectations. Anjaan will surely entertain you. Samantha is a brilliant actor. She is the queen in Telugu cinema, and this movie is going to make her one in Tamil Cinema as well. Between, our dialogue writer is so close to Samantha - whenever she comes to the spot, he will go for a shave and make himself look attractive.
I will work with Suriya as much as I can. Throughout the shoot, Suriya was Raju bhai! Even my phone desktop backgrounds were Raju bhai! His energy level astounds me!  He was breathing his character thoroughly! He was only thinking about the movie! When a 110 weighing stunt extra fell on Suriya's leg, it took my life. But in just 30 days, he did the same scene again. I hope, this movie takes stunt director Silva to places! 
Antony (who also cut the cake):
I loved cutting for this film ! Surya and Santhosh had done an amazing job ! It was so easy for me to cut the teaser ! I just did it in 2 hours ! Just like his edits, a crispy talk. 
Then came in the Anjaan, the hero of the evening for his address. 
Thanks to press, media and fans. Social media is new to me. I am surprised about this 1.2 million feat. I wanted to thank the fans personally – so, we planned for this event. I am blown away by this response - we are literally stunned. Anjaan has just been happy all the way from the start! Like the last day of school and college, I am gonna miss my Anjaan team. This film will be a super treat to everybody even after years. Lingu's excitement floored me. He was happy with the way the movie was shaping up. We are satisfied on working for such a movie. We are elated and eagerly waiting to share all experiences.
My Whatsapp is flooded with messages. I am unable to reply to everybody. I can see this online frenzy, so I am also thinking about starting a Facebook and Twitter account! There is a breezy romance laced with the underworld drama. This movie gives another peak to me. If I could re-enact Lingu I am done with the shot. Lingu is the first director to have explained me every scene and also had given references. He narrates in such a manner giving examples that would give me a cue about the exact theater response. He just loves cinema. He sets the mood and makes it easy for me. A little on my singing for the film, I'm a bad singer. Even when I have to sing a song, along with the original composition, I raise the volume so that mine isn't heard. And, I don't even sing when I am alone. 
I need to tell you this. The stunt guys ? When I had my leg sprained, the stunt coordinators felt so bad. Their life is so tough. Everyday is like an artistic war. I have to do something for the stunt union – I am planning to come up with a physiotherapy camp that could improve their awareness on health.
Dialogue Writer Brindha sarathy:
I have this nephew, who terrorized me with Singam 'Onera Ton' dialogue when I threatened to not give a chocolate. So, I am working for a film with lots of pressure ! All my dialogues for this film has to recalled by the public.
The whole beauty of the event was the fans interaction. Suriya took the time to answer all of those fans! Following are the exchanges:
Fan- Will you do Singam 3? 
Suriya- I am doing another Hari film next year.
Fan 2- Please tell the Anjaan dialogue for us?
Suriya- He did say. (Most couldn't hear the dialgoe because of the out-roar from the fans)
Fan 3- Will you act with Jyothika again ?
Suriya- I wish! My kids have a say on that. She can't leave them alone. 
Vote of thanks by Dhananjayan: 
This event was a last minute arrangement ! We wanted to celebrate this 1.2 million mark for a YouTube teaser release ! This is all because of the magic from Suriya and the rest. Media has been giving great support. Let's catch up for the audio release. And, trailer will be twice fold !




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