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It's Ajith's day on Twitter!

Jul 13, 2013

With Youtube hits and the number of likes becoming as important as the film’s success, fans are vigilant day and night to ensure that their star gains the upper hand online, even if it’s for only a day. But in a deeper sense, it’s always being done in admiration of their favourite star.

Ajith’s fans have always been ceaselessly active online as it’s evident that one of the most trending topics on Twitter today is #billa2day which marks the one year release of the prequel to one of Ajith’s biggest blockbusters in his career, Billa. Clearly the fans have taken the result of the film in their stride and instead they are looking back fondly at the grand reception the film received during its release.

Only a few weeks back Billa2 again stole the twitter thunder as its television premiere sparked a trend on twitter just as it did in this occasion. It's safe to assume that when the title of Thala53 is out, it will be the same story all over again - Thala takes over Twitter!



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