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Arya and Atlee on a thanksgiving trip in Tamilnadu

"I got slapped by Nayan and Nazriya"

Oct 08, 2013

Raja Rani directed by debutant Atlee starring Arya, Nayanthara, Jai and Nazriya has been making waves at the box office with an overflowing cash box. To show their appreciation and thank the audience, the team of Raja Rani consisting of Arya and Atlee is on a whirlwind tour covering the entire state of Tamil Nadu.


For those who have seen Raja Rani will recall that Arya gets slapped by both Nayanthara and Nazriya in the film and this aspect has apparently kindled the curiosity of fans all over. The question that awaited Arya wherever he went was how many times he got slapped by his leading ladies. Arya has apparently kept his slaps in memory and admitted that he was slapped twice by Nayanthara and once by Nazriya! The professional that Arya is, he took all these in his casual stride and enjoyed the whole experience. 



Arya and Atlee on a thanksgiving trip in Tamilnadu

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