Raja Rani : Guhan's views!

Raja Rani : Guhan's views!

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It’s time that we keep Directors like Atlee at higher positions and encourage them to do more and more. I seriously haven’t seen such movie in the recent time, more like in a long time. 

There are some movies that you want to so badly after you finish watching the trailer. Raja Rani is one such movie for me. It has fascinated me ever since I saw the trailer. The selection of scenes for the trailer to the perfect showcase of what has to be shown in a trailer, the man who made the trailer has done his job quite good. 
Raja Rani is the kind of movie that I have been expecting to happen in Tamil Cinema, and here I stand proud as Atlee, the talented Youngster has brought it to life. A movie is never ranked by the Box-office Collection or the so called “Hit” that people say these days. What really matters is the quality and the content of the movie. The way the director narrates the story and connects with the audience. Atlee Triple-strikes us with his Debut movie. And I must say, I am pretty awesomely impressed with the outcome. I simply enjoyed the movie every single minute. It’s all about emotions.
Raja Rani stars characters such as Arya, Nayanthara, Jai, Nazriya, Santhanam, Sathyaraj and Sathyan. 
Arya is that one guy who doesn’t do stereotypes or gets type-cast. I have a separate position for Arya in me that he never fails to try something new in every single movie of his. Whether it is a hit or not he dons a different role for sure. I like him for that and to be clearer, I respect him for that. In this movie, he teams up with the same gang he did in Boss Engira Basskaran, Nayan and Santhanam. Arya has a past and a present and he succeeds in giving the right change to his character in both the tenses. The trim bodied, neatly combed, the guy-next-door, the girl chasing Arya is the Past one. The Drunkard, doesn’t-give-a-shit-about-wife Arya in the Present one.  There are so many scenes that needed the actors to bring out their sad faces and the feelings of India kinda stuff throughout the movie. Arya dons it easily and he’s pretty natural at it. I never felt like he was doing the same stuff of what he did in Boss Engira Basskaran, uh-huh. No. He def-freakin-ately did not. 
Arya : You’re the MAN.
Nayanthara has taken a break from cinemas due to some of her relationships being pain in her neck and  finally she’s here. She’s won hearts before and she does now. She hasn’t lost the charm or whatsoever even now. I wonder how Malayali Women do that. A separate enzyme secretes or what? She plays the role of a wife who doesn’t like the behaviors and activities of her husband. I must say, it is the best among all of her movies. I can fist-punch on the table and boldly say that. You know what, people of Tamilnadu feel “Oh, here she goes again” and make grumpy noises in the theatre when emotional scenes come. But no one did that for this film. I mean, the audience really were glued to the story and the characters. She too has a Past and a Present character, the former being the “Come, let’s face it” kinda girl and the over tempering Wife girl. I loved them both and she’s insanely rocking the screen presence. 
Nayanthara : Best performance Till Date! 
Jai is the love interest of Nayanthara in the past. The character which he plays in similar to that of what he did in Engeyum Eppothum. Maybe that’s why A.R. Murugadoss suggested him to play as the script required the “Innocent Guy” features. But as the movie runs, the character isn’t exactly same from that of the beginning and it literally changes with time. The comedy scenes between Nayan and Jai have worked so good that it was hard not to laugh at a scene during their initial talks. Jai doesn’t dance well. Even though the movie doesn’t put much concentration on the song sequences, there are some dance sequences in which Jai is too lazy to move his muscles. But, they are neligible, only some stupids like me would find. Other than that he was also good.

Jai : When will you give a hit movie solo?
Nazriya Nazim, the one that has many pages dedicated to her with names “Angel” “Beauty Queen” “Cute Heavenly” and much like this. The heartthrob girl-next-door is bubbly and cute as usual. But I felt she was shown more elegant in Neram than this.  Well, I can’t compare here but she’s sweetie alright. I don’t know what beings her the  cute girl looks but one does not simply hate her. Her character will impress everyone. *And be ready to expect the unexpected*
Nazriya : Perfect Choice for your second movie.  More movies like this and you’ll be uncatchable. 
Santhanam, you can’t hate him either. During the initial scenes, his jokes were meaningless and I was like “Woah, what’s going on?” but it catches fire as the movie moves. He too play a past and a present guy with the latter being the more coolest. He too has played emotional scenes and they are good. 
Santhanam : Being the only big comedian now, I need not say anything more.
Sathyaraj plays the role of Nayanthara’s dad. Normally you don’t see a dad like this in Tamil Cinema for a Heroine. I would like to call him “The Revolutionary Dad”. He was simply extraordinary. His Black hair and a stud on his left ear. His way of calling his daughter “Darling”, everything was just perfect. It’s a very different move in the daddy role in Tamil Cinema. And the highlight is that the daughter buying Beer for his dad whereas in the usual cinemas the heroines would scold their dads for drinking. 
Sathyaraj :  Great performance. Can’t believe you’re still rocking the screens with different characters. 
Sathyan comes and goes and makes us laugh at times. To be frank, most of the times I don’t think he’s funny. But yeah he does okay.

The main grip of the movie is the deep BGM score by the one and only G.V. Prakash Kumar. He has simply lived the movie. The emotions and feelings are brought to you by the Music Composer. A great support for the slow moving movie. 
Finally, Atlee. Though young, he’s proved that he no lesser than anyone. You never would say that this is his first movie. So much of perfection for a newbie. The camera is unbelievable and the whole picturisation of the movie is immensely awesome. The song picturisations are also carved with passion. The costumes are the highlight of the movie. It’s like a big-badass HD movie with so much to look at. I could really see what he had in mind. His thoughts are fresh and the outcomes is too fresh to be tasty. He’s handled more characters in a single movie giving each one of them a dominant role and not letting down any one of them throughout. Perfect screenplay makes the *yawn* phenomenon a Rare one. His experience has taught him what he must do to keep the audience not feel bored and he’s done it with elegance. It is a family-movie. A feel good, pleasant movie that you’ll definitely fall in love with. 
Atlee : We are eager to watch your next offering. Good Luck. You’ll shine. 
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Raja Guhan

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