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I am not here to write the review of Raja Rani. But I would like to share about some of the emotional moments of Raja Rani. Mixing comedy and emotions is not that much easy. But Atlee has done this magic in his debut film. So many years back Poove Poo Chooda Vaa was released with same genre, comedy and emotion. After the long time both are mixed in proper proportions in Raja Rani.

Arya and Nayan are behaving like cat and mouse after their marriage.  Arya irritates Nayan by consuming liquor , raising TV volume in bedroom, disturbing not only his wife, but all the people residing in near by flats. How could a lady tolerate this during the honey moon period. One sad night she develops fits and falls down. The drunkard husband manages to hospitalize her. She is serious in ICU . The Doctor asks him, who is she , whats her name ? . He tells , I don't remember her name.. No newly married girl should face any time in her life span, such a pathetic situation . The whole 10 minutes scenes , with Nayan's good performance as an epileptic patient and Husband's ignorance really tells their early marriage bitter relationship. The misunderstood real life couple,  too might face these type of problems in their early married life, if they recollect their past.  

Next, in the flash back story of Nayan, She and Jai fixed for their Register marriage, the emotional moments start. Nayan reaches the Registration office , even before the gate of that office has been opened. She is waiting there. Two different marriages have happened there. Jai hasn't come and he has fled to US . Till the evening Nayan is waiting there. Her father SathyaRaj, reaches there, and picking up her and brings her to Jai's house, where she was insulted by Jai's father and She returns back to the car, and SathyaRaj and Nayan share their sorrow and tears. The scene is narrated like a poetry form . The 20 minutes emotional love between a father and a daughter is portrayed fantastically by the debutant Atlee. The debutant should need guts to place scenes like this in his debut film. 

Next, in another flashback of Arya and his ex lover Nazria,  Arya faces so many hurdles in accepting his love proposal with Nazria, and on one fine day she accepts the proposal. During the birthday of Nazria, Arya marries her and takes her for a jolly ride in ECR. Nobody would have predicted the tragedy, fatal fate of Nazria in that scene. Nazria met with an accident and she died on that spot itself. Lot of such type of Road Accident Deaths are happening in real life. The way its portrayed by Atlee is really heart touching. Its just a 5 min scene. but still the impact of that scene hasn't gone from my mind. 

Yes the film has 40 minutes emotional heart touching scenes. Emotional scenes are just one forth of the course of the film. Remaining three fourths are fun filled scenes and colourful songs. 
Atlee has mixed emotion with comedy in proper proportion. Making the viewers crying and laughing at the same time in one movie is not that much easy... aTLEE has done that job efficienTLEE and brillianTLEE... BEST WISHES TO ATLEE.. 

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