Viswaroopam - feedback from London

Viswaroopam - feedback from London

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Viswaroopam Review: (only for the ones looking for it, others please ignore!)

Summary - Kickass, go for it!

Disclaimer: The below is my personal opinion, continue to read only if you do not have a problem reading personal opinions. I'm not forcing you to read, in fact not even asking you to read further. Do at your own risk!

As you would expect (or not) from Kamal, there is no Bollywood masala. There are songs, fights, dance, romance but no masala. There are genuinely stunning action sequences and 'wow' moments that should appeal to any movie lover. 

The movie also has some very funny moments, some typical Kamal moments discussing god, terrorism etc. There is intelligence written all over the movie, he doesn't treat any of his characters nor the audience dumb.

On the downside, sometimes it might feel slow paced but there are enough twists and turns in the narration to keep you interested enough. Sometimes it doesn't feel like this is leading anywhere but all the knots are tied in the end (importantly -before you lose interest). You are not sure if you like what you are watching but when it ends you just love it.

It might be better off with sub titles even in India, sometimes it’s difficult to understand what people say. Just to remind, this is an international movie made by an Indian. The lead characters are Indians, nothing else is related to India.

The one thing I remembered the most when I came out of the screen is Kamal the director. Had this movie made by a Hollywood director, it might have been nominated for few Oscars & had much bigger collection & IMDB rating of 8.5. Shame it has to go through such struggle to see light of the day.

The ban has not just stopped theaters from screening the film, it has stopped millions of movie lovers a chance to watch a genuinely world class movie. Just sad that government doesn't trust the censor board that it appointed. 

I do not understand the ban- the story, setting & plot doesn't involve India. Actually more confused about the ban after watching the movie.

Living outside India, I do know what most people feel about (Indian) Bollywood movies. This is just the right one to take them to!

Marks on 5: 4 for the content, 0.5 for having the guts to make this movie

Ilam dreamer
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