Neram Movie Review:

Neram Movie Review:

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My thoughts on ‘Neram’:
‘Neram’, a bilingual movie directed by Alphonse Putharen, joins the bandwagon of unconventional movies to hit Tamil cinema of late….
The movie takes us through the exciting incidents on a D-day in the life of the protagonist Vetri, when he needs to settle a 50 K debt..
Nivin Pauly as Vetri, makes up for some really pathetic reactions in the romantic scenes by shining in the chase and action sequences.. 
Nazriya Nazim plays Veni, the pretty girlfriend of the protagonist…She is definitely going to be the ‘next big thing’ in Tamil cinema after Samantha..:) She appears for a meagre 20 minutes in the movie, but leaves you wanting for more!
Simhaa who plays Vatti Raja, has a habit of turning up in all the unconventional movies, after 'Pizza' and 'Soodhu Kavvum'…As the antagonist of the movie, he is more comical than villainous.. 
The BGM is excellent and the ‘Pistah’, ‘Kadhal Ennulle’ numbers are refreshing…
The slow pace of the first half and an even slower buildup to the climax are the only negative aspects of the movie…
In a nutshell, ‘Neram’ dwells on ‘The Butterfly Effect’ concept (how small unrelated things affect the larger picture) and is a novel attempt in Kollywood….
‘Neram’ – Time well spent ...:)
Nihil Britto

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