The Maryan Masterpiece

The Maryan Masterpiece

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Maryan (or Mariyaan) marks the first time the national-award winning composer has collaborated with the national award-winning actor. The movie boasts of an incredible storyline and has been shot at exquisite locations. As the teasers and trailers suggest, the movie will be based mainly in Africa and Rahman has indeed imbibed the mood and theme of the story and has delivered some delightful tunes. 
The album begins with Nenjae Ezhu which is a typical Rahman number. With shades of Kannathil Muthamittai, it has a subtle difference in his approach towards the song and this has made it sound radically different and admirably pleasing.  

Innum Konjam is like one of those Paradesi songs and is actually not bad after listening a couple of times. Netru Aval is the only fallback in the album and is not very appealing, even more so considering Rahman’s sky-high standards. 

Sonapreeya is a wonderfully attractive song and is extremely energetic. Javed Ali has been given another opportunity after Kilimanjaro. For the first time in the near past, Haricharan has been given an insignificant portion in a song but I think he wouldn’t be too bothered as singing for Rahman is in itself a boon. Here one can note the class of Rahman as opposed to Harris who reproduces his own tunes. Carefully note the line “Enna Padachavan Kodukum Kai Oyala”. It starts of with the regular Harris tune and suddenly departs to an entirely different level. 

Enga Pona Raasa is the best in the album. It is a delicate and gorgeous song. Shakthishree has recreated the magic of Nenjukkule and I feel this is even better though there is not much of a vocal work in the song. The orchestra is superb and I would recommend all to listen from 1:42 to 2:28. It is a masterpiece. I am sure you will be dazed after listening to the song entirely. 100% guarantee.

I love Africa …. I  doubt anyone will believe it was composed by a non-African. It really has captured the mood and music of the green continent.

Last but definitely not the least, Kadal Raasa Naan is a collaboration of the best composer and the best male singer in the Tamil film industry. As “Minsara Poove” Srinivas said, there is a certain madness that Yuvan brings in his singing that is extremely evident in the song. Salute Rahman for such a composition. 

On the whole, it is the Oscar-winner’s best in this decade. Bharatbala has got more than he would have ever imagined. No wonder Dhanush said he could not stop singing the… what do we call them? They’re certainly more than just songs! What Michelangelo created were not just statues, were they?
K Karthik

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