Nagaraja Chozhan MA MLA Movie Review by Common Man:

Nagaraja Chozhan MA MLA Movie Review by Common Man:

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Amaithi Padai 2 - It is a comeback movie for Director Manivannan after 12 years. He is one of the few directors who had given movies with different genres – Gopurangal Saivathillai, Ilamai Kalangal, Nooravadhu Naal, Jallikattu, Chinna Thambi Periya Thambi,  Amaithi Padai etc. As you can see, Sathyaraj had acted in most of his movies. This will be his 50th Movie as director and Sathyaraj had acted in his 50% of the movies. Sathyaraj and Manivannan are best of the best friends. Even Manivannan mentioned that Sathyaraj knows him much better than his wife and vice versa. Amaithi Padai is one of the best Political Genre Movie till date. Now, the duo are back again with Part 2 after 20 years. Let us see whether they will be able to give yet another good political drama to Tamil Cinema in this review
Story: It is about a Politician who is ready to even kill his son’s wife to save his Chief Minister Post.

Sathyaraj - Ammavasai, Deputy CM couldn't achieve as much as Ammavasai, MLA achieved due to lesser screen presence.  Ammavasai characterization in Amaithi Padai was the major reason for the success. But, in this movie, you would wonder whether Ammavasai is a Comedian / Villain / Supporting actor in the first half. Younger ..No no.. Middle Aged Sathyaraj comes only in the interval block and just comes in 4 – 5 scenes without creating any impact to the story 

Raghu Manivannan has few more scenes than required in the first half. There are dialogues in the movie in which Manivannan teases Politician for making their son as successor. But, even he had done the same mistake, by giving more scenes to Raghu Manivannan, whose acting looks very artificial. 

Seeman has much more scenes than Raghu Manivannan & has importance equal to Sathyaraj in the first half. He even has an intro buildup scene, similar to leading heroes. When you think that he may do the role of younger Sathyaraj in this movie after lots of build up in the first half. But, the way, his characterization ends in the movie was pathetic.  At the same time, his dialogues in the movie are extremely bold and convey message to the society. He almost plays the role of “Prabhakaran” in the movie saving people who are living in the forest. Manivannan had tried to show us the sufferings of Srilankan Tamilians with his characterization and it doesn’t do justice to the story or screenplay. Seeman’s characterization is major drawback to this movie.

Manivannan plays the role of sidekick Manimaran yet again. He is one of the few actors in the world who has acted in more than 400 movies. Chemistry between him and Sathyaraj is much better than chemistry of the present heroes and heroines. Amaithi Padai was one of the few movies for which audio cassettes were released with dialogues. Dialogues spoken by him & Sathyaraj only give some relief to the audience. 

Mrudala, Komal & Varsha make debut in this movie. None of them have good role. Characterization of the female characters was very bad. In each and every scene, their role differs.

Music is by James Vasanthan. He gave us two wonderful melody songs  - Kangal Irandal (Subramaniyapuram) & Naan Pogiren (Naanayam). He didn’t get any opportunity to give wonderful melody songs after Naanayam and the list continues.

Dialogue Writer & Actor Manivannan had done a wonderful job in this movie. Director Manivannan had failed to make a story with engaging screenplay. He had given importance to dialogues & Srilankan Issue rather than concentrating on Story. Dialogues in the movie are too bold. Sathyaraj openly criticizes Vijayakanth, Chidambaram & current political trends without compromising on anything. 

Overall, Nagaraja Chozhan MA MLA is OLD WINE IN OLD BOTTLE
Rating for this movie by Common Man: 2 / 5
Sathish Kumar

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