Vishwaroopam- Review

Vishwaroopam- Review

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First things first, there will be detractors. They are entitled to their opinion just like me, but should anybody compare the extravagance of this movie to Endhiran, you can discard their opinion right away. Vishwaroopam raises more questions than it answers possibly because of
the sequel in the making. But boy does it answer those questions...splendidly... Also there is nothing to offend anyone and contrary to belief, it is NOT pro America- true, there is a scene that
shows 'Omar' telling 'Wiz', "Americans want us, they won't kill the women and children", but the very next scene you see the house the little kid got into bombed by the US forces.

Kamal’s off screen hard work doesn’t take toll on his on screen persona. Be it the effeminate dance teacher or the bearded ‘jihadi’ or being ‘simply’ Kamal with a lot less to do in the second half, he
scores. Andrea has a few wisecracks and her character is shrouded in mystery, just like Shekar Kapoor’s. Pooja does justice to her role in that one scene with a plunging neckline and in coming up with a domestic solution to a potential disaster. The guy that steals the show is actually Rahul Bose as Omar. But the most impressive member of the cast happens to be the 'dove'. The birds serve as the director's mouth piece and a metaphor.

As the first half moves in a frantic pace, you end up feeling less than fulfilled with the mere ticking bomb scenario in the second half. But every frame depicting Kamal and Rahul in the blood laden lands with bin Laden are spectacular. Also, contrary to beliefs, there is no offence to anyone. You sympathize with the plight of the kid that wants to be a doctor and the doctor who happens to be a female, both of whom are killed by the allied forces. If there is anyone to be offended it is G.W. Bush. Apparently Kamal has some grudge against him. Instances of tongue in cheek humor are aplenty-just like his distinct touches that convey subtle messages (like the swing scene).

Technically, you can be assured that besting this will take some doing. The stand out scene is the first action sequence (which is then played in slo-mo) which in itself is worth the price of the ticket. It
seems Kamal trained under Birju Maharaj for this movie. It was just a single dance and that is some dedication. Also, I guess a part of this success should also be dedicated to our friendly right wing men (not the Ronaldo kind) who seemed to have generated a great deal of publicity and ensured the nation saw the integrity of the man behind the movie.

The lack of closure might upset a few, but for me, my second FDFS, after Baba (a colossal disappointment), was a winner in more than just one way. It was like Sachin’s innings in Sharjah, against Aussies and the sandstorm-it was not complete, but set the stage for a grand finale. If this comparison turns out to be true, we are in for a greater treat when Vishwaroopam comes 2 India.

This is not in the mould of Anbe Sivam or Hey Ram or Thevar Magan, but along the lines of Dasavatharam. This is yet another feather in his already decorated hat, but it is not his crown jewel. But still, it easily is the closest we have yet come to matching standards set by the men in the West.

Sai Sriram
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