Let the people watch a good movie - Viswaroopam

Let the people watch a good movie - Viswaroopam

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I just came back home after watching Viswaroopam (Tamil version) at a Cinema hall near Boston, USA.  The movie was certainly not one of those usual commercial movies that hit the theaters on every weekend. Along with a rich cast, location, music, sets, the movie also has a strong storyline which 75% of the Tamil movies usually lack.  Mr. Kamal has taken all the efforts not to affect any individual’s sentiments. The movie is not about any certain religious groups. It’s only about bad and good souls. Throughout the movie he tries to take you through a journey of reality. Of course, in reality you always come across more bad elements than the good ones. And some people don’t like the reality to get exposed. These guys are usually those who try to hide it in order to earn some money. In my opinion, every individual in India (I think Chennai is considered as a metro in India) should watch this movie, not just to understand the world, but to understand how a good movie can be made. In the movie, Kamal shows a child’s aspiration to become a Doctor and how the society influences his decisions. Do you think, this is bad for the nation? I wondered what could have triggered you to call for a ban. Worshiping the lord or praising him, is of course done in different ways in different countries.  The movie’s majorly based in Afghanistan.  I hope people do understand what the language is spoken there is or the religion that is practiced commonly. Further he speaks about the Osama group (Jihad) trying to demolish the New York City.  What do you expect from them? Say holy jesus or Shiva Shiva and Bomb US? I am sure that you would know all these things better than us.  So why unnecessarily make it political? The country is still not on track in terms of GDP.  You are welcome to improve that. But for now just let the people watch a good movie."

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