Kamal - The Ulaga Nayagi

Kamal - The Ulaga Nayagi

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After watching Vishwaroopam I was struck by this thought – how distinct has each role of Kamal as a lady character it the nanny Avvai Shanmugi or the patty Krishnaveni or the dancer Vishwanathan.


In Avvai Shanmugi the hero had to make sure all the mannerisms were feminine in order to convince his in-laws’ family that he is she and not actually he. Her smile, walk and the body language matched to the hilt. For eg: Shanmugi’s reaction when Gemini Ganesan asks her to file for a divorce is testimonial to the characterization.

In Dasavatharam, it was the role of an octogenarian who had seen better days but was surviving just to catch a glimpse of her long lost son. Kamal had to under play as the character’s age demanded that subtlety. I feel he worked hard more on the tremulous voice than anything else.

In Vishwaroopam he crosses the fine line that separates a male sex from a transvestite which is typical of a male dancer. His conversation with the lady dancers at home and the jog to the mosque in New York speak about the character.

Here is wishing you all success Kamal Hassan for all your future Roopams.

Ram Kumar
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