Opinions on Vishwaroopam

Opinions on Vishwaroopam

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All along we have been craving that Indian cinema should produce a movie that is equivalent to a Hollywood film (both in concept and richness). Shankar made an effort in Endhiran. We felt, may be we are getting somewhere there. The least we got the hope that in near future we will get there. In Vishwaroopam, Kamal has challenged Hollywood itself (In terms of Story, Screenplay, Attention to detail (in every scene/dialogue), addressing/analyzing an issue, grandeur etc)). If I don’t go overboard, I would say this movie is better than many of Hollywood movies I've watched.

All along it is my perception that - 100 Crore movie involves top artists like Rajini, Shankar, Rahman, Ishwarya Rai - to account their salaries, songs/scenes shot at exotic locales and visuals, high end graphics, involving international technicians and some story to back up all this. Kamal Hassan broke many of these myths in Vishwaroopam. The movie does not offer many songs, the movie did not feature A. R. Rahman Musical, the movie did not feature any top director, the movie did not feature any leading artists except Kamal etc.

If we assume S. S. Rajamouli, Mani Ratnam, Shankar, Ashutosh Gowarikar etc are the cream of directors in India, while Kamal not much known/popular for directorial skills - with Vishwaroopam proved, the above said names have a lot to catch up in film making.

It is not a Tamil film/Indian film - It is an international film involving Indian Artists. So if this movie is released in any language, I'm sure the audience will be able to embrace considering the story stage. I don’t see this movie hurting sentiments of any Tamil Muslims. If at all it offends, it should offend United States in a couple of scenes where the posters of American President are shot by Jihad Terrorists.

Story - Taliban terrorists try to attack United States. Kamal and Team (in disguise) attempt to avert it. Who succeeded in the end? Watch it in big screen.

Had this movie been released in DTH - I'm not sure about the end game as the concept itself is new. However I'm sure about one thing. Whoever watched it in their home, would have sure booked their tickets in the theatre nearby to get the theatrical experience. This movie is sure to have repeat audience and so Kamal as an investor has to worry at all about the returns.

Usually not many movies bowl me over; at the same time I keep my common sense profile low while watching movies (After all I only watch movies to be entertained). For example, movies like Back to the Future, Avatar, Inception, Dark Knight have all stumped me in the past and reverberated in my mind for many days/years. And Dasavatharam did not excite me much. I said the above names only to give an idea of my taste bud. Vishwaroopam joins this list of greatest movies I've watched in my times. It’s almost 3 days now since I watched the movie and I'm yet to come out of it. Eagerly waiting for the release of the blu-ray so as I can include in my collectibles.

If Tendulkar is for Cricket, Rahman is for Music, Kamal is for Indian Cinema. I wish he is involved in many more projects as this. The least a project in which he directs Superstar Rajnikanth.

It is a popular saying that Kamal is ahead of his times. I was told by my friend that Kamal proved it in Vishwaroopam. But I did not want to buy it before watching the theatre. I said to myself - I'm aged (35) now. I've gained good exposure watching a lot of films (both Indian and international). So there is no way Kamal is going to stump me this day. After watching Vishwaroopam - I say with pride that Kamal is ahead of my times.

I've no choice but to wait eagerly for the release of Vishwaroopam II India.

PS: I'm a hardcore Superstar Rajnikanth Fan.

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