Mugamoodi movie Humanoid Robot

Mugamoodi movie Humanoid Robot

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I am Balaji Lakshmanan. 
I am a Researcher in Robotics an AI from IIT Madras.
I was the robotics consultant for movie Mugammodi.
I am also working for another Tamil movie in Animatronics.

Most viewers did not know that the robot that came in movie was actual real robot. Most people think it is graphics or models with people inside the model. Mysskin wanted realistic robot and I created the robot.

Here is complete robot work which might interest viewers of your website.

It’s a fully functional automatic wireless 6 feet Humanoid Robot

Mugamoodi Humanoid Robot working, features and capabilities.

6 feet Humanoid Robot weighing 80 Kgs with 14 high performance motors
Differential drive speed control mobility
Low foot print 40x40 cm
Full load balancing, anti topple system with center of gravity optimization
Head movement with speed control
Jaw movement with speed and position control
Shoulder movement with speed and smooth movement control
Elbow movement UP and DOWN with speed control

Elbow movement Left and Right with speed control

Hand Clasp with speed and position control

Individual thumb speed and position control

Our other animatronics work

Robo Dog

Balaji Lakshmanan
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