Crusade for Vishwaroopam

Crusade for Vishwaroopam

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Dear Protesters against any Tamil movies, 

Please don't insult our Religion. Allow us to enter our temples. Tamil cinema is our religion. Theatres are our temples. Rajinism and Kamalism are two major sects with each having their own philosophies and similarities. We compete with each other, argue with each other, embrace each other at times but never interfere with each other. Even at the times of criticism, we don't feel offended as we are completely convinced with our respective idol's limitations but still accept and celebrate Him for the mere Happiness, He brings into our lives. We never beat a human at his weakest point, for we knew that it might give a false sense of success but not honor. 


Our religion may not have a long, glorious past, but it has no bloodshed either. Even at the times of injustice, at the most, we would voice our opinions online as a rational measure to gain insights, but we never turn violent. If it is let alone from the influence of politics and other religions, our religion will evolve beautifully and turn out to be a better way of teaching/showcasing truths, talents, intellects and Universal brotherhood. 


Our script(ure)s are easier to comprehend, much easier to discern the good & bad and most of the time deal only with this earthly life. All they teach is survival techniques about this ever-changing world. We know when to take this life as a Challenge, when to see it as funny, when to co-operate, when to inspire, how to be of help, how to worship our respective work..


We do not claim that our scriptures are novel, but we just love the phenomenal impact when a Universal truth is delivered by our idol. "No gain without pain; if at all you gain without pain, it won't last forever" (Ref: Padayappa, 1999). "Love is God" (Ref:Anbe Sivam,2003). These are our guiding principles which are plain, simple and deal directly with this present life and not about some unknown past births and mystique life-after-death.


Some scripts may not be great and useful. But yet, with the strength derived from the best verses of few other scripts, we do know which are worthy, pleasing, societal-friendly and eternal.  Also, our script(ure)s are not restricted to the privileged or the rich. It's accessible and affordable by anyone, any time. Our younger brothers, sons have complete freedom to have their own versions like Vijayism, Ajithism.  We knew that, we ourselves might have inherited from MGR-ism and Sivaji-ism. We knew that as long as our younger generations understand the limitations and yet be happy and harmless to others, it's the 'feel' that's important and not the idol. 


Further, our Religion never gives us any promises and never let us to live all the life expecting some uncertain fulfillment to happen. If at all Enlightenment, Liberation, Salvation and Heaven are true, nothing else can bring us closer to those experiences than letting us to celebrate our Religion in our harmless ways where all our rituals take place within our Temple(theatre) premises. 


Dedicated to all Terror fans (not Terrorists) of Tamil cinema who crusade against the Vishwaroopam ban. 


With Love,


- Devotee of Lord Rajinikanth, Frequent pilgrim to Theatres. 

Magesh C
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