Why Viswaroopam should be banned...

Why Viswaroopam should be banned...

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How dare you Mr. Hassan? How dare you make a technically brilliant movie with a smart plot without truly hurting anyones sensibilities and try to bring Tamil cinema to the next level? 
You should be criminally charged for refusing to settle down and make run of the mill mass masala entertainers. How can you dare to make movies of the calibre of HeyRam? How could you choose to make a movie like Virumaandi (which in my humble opinion even surpassed HeyRam) 
And all this by investing your own money????? UNBELIEVABLE.... Apparently you do not know that you could have invested your hard earned money in real estate and gold bonds or even better started a political party . You were stupid enough to try to give back to cinema what you made from it....UNBELIEVABLE
How could you dare have a single creative original thought ? For the last 51 years you have entertained , made us laugh made us cry & have practically been part & parcel of the better part of most of our lives ....ofcourse you should be punished for that . 
Let us simply take a look at your track record ....
you made HeyRam ...the ultimate tribute to the Mahatma from Tamil cinema and you were labelled as a Gandhi hater even before the movie released ..
You made Virumaandi ... an unparalleled movie about capital punishment which brought a whole new depth of meaning to the phrase ...and ended up running from courthouse to courthouse to get its Title sanctioned..
You made Dasavatharam ...& got labelled as a Hindu hater by people who had of course decided they knew what the movie was all about by looking at the "POSTERS " nonetheless...
Why for the love of god won't you quit???
Viswaroopam should infact be banned to teach a very important lesson to you & all the other brilliant minds of Indian cinema...."Quit making Masterpieces if you truly value your Health, Life & Sanity"
Indirani Narayan
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