Who's that girl?


By Prathap

So it's become a fad of sorts now to pit two women against one man in movies. As if one glamorous heroine is not enough, we now have two. Not that the men of the lot are complaining. Here are a few releases that have two gals in its lead. But who will get the hero's hand in the end? That we will only know when the movie releases.

Vishwaroopam - Although the posters give due prominence to both Andrea and Pooja Kumar it's still mysterious who is the film's female lead.

Madha Gaja Raja - Anjali and Varalakshmi are in the lead in Sundar C's Madha Gaja Raja but the question is, who will wind up with Vishal?

David - It's pretty clear that Isha Sherwani will be Vikram's lead but the presence of Tabu is just confusing as well.

Paradesi - Dhansika and Vedhika race against each other for the movie's lead position.

Singam 2 – There is Anushka and also Hansika. Obviously, Suriya can't settle down with two pretty women. That would make him a bigamist. So we will have to wait and watch how Singam 2 turns out.



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