Kamal Haasan becomes a member - Event Story

Jan 21, 2013

The Four Frames screening complex in Chennai was bustling with activity last evening as the arrangements were taking place to welcome the one and only Kamal Haasan who had graciously accepted the offer for being the chief guest of the event.

The occasion was hosted by the Cinema Pathirikaiyalar Sangam that was firm in their belief that the official ID cards of their members be distributed by Kamal Hassan. They had patiently waited over a month for the availability of the esteemed actor-director who had finally found time to volunteer to make his presence felt at the event.

The President of the unit, Major Dasan, spoke on behalf of all the members when he announced that Kamal’s novel DTH idea will be fully supported by the organization.  Kamal took to the dais much to the delight of the audience and exclaimed that he too had become an official member of the organization since he has stake in a cinema related digital magazine.

Kamal hoped that this association would overcome all internal politics that have plagued similar outfits in the past to build a strong base that will welcome more members in the future. He proceeded to hand out the official ID cards of the organization to its members.



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