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Jan 19, 2013

The 50th day celebrations of NaduvulaKonjamPakkathaKaanom were held at the Rani Seethai Hall in Chennai yesterday evening. Generally, big movies with big budgets and stars have this habit of celebrating their success in a grand manner. This is a norm which has been followed for many big stars and directors’ films over the years in Tamil cinema.

But it was really heartening to see a small movie made on a shoestring budget like NKPK celebrate its well-earned victory in a grand manner. This event was a platform for the audience to applaud the work of all the technicians associated with the movie. At the end of the day, actors and technicians work to experience such applause at a success event.

The celebrities who attended the success bash include producer T. Siva, UTV Dhananjayan, K.V. Anand, R. Parthiepan, Vimal among others. The entire NKPK team was also in attendance on their big day.

K.V. Anand applauded the producer Leo Visions, the marketing team for creating a buzz and finally the director for giving such a path breaking comedy. He said that his 13 year old daughter liked the movie a lot, proving that NKPK has made a big impact in the minds of youngsters. Unlike the general slapstick comedies that are dime a dozen in Tamil cinema, Anand was happy that NKPK was a realistic comedy with a difference.

R. Parthiepan said that despite the movie having some logical loopholes, he was happy that the director could pull off the movie with such ease. For example he said that the friends could have very well told the truth about Prem’s memory loss to his fiancée and she could have also partaken in the drama that unfolds at the reception and marriage. But, the director decided otherwise, and still succeeded in giving such a memorable laugh riot.

The producer of the film, Rajkumar, said that director Balaji Tharaneetharan was the real hero of the movie as he made the movie exactly the way he had narrated in the beginning. The actual hero of the movie Vijay Sethupathy enthralled the audience by speaking all the famous dialogues from the movie. The 50th day trophy was also beautifully designed and it spoke of the creative instincts of the team

In all it was a very informal event which resulted in a lot of fun. The event would be telecast on Sun TV soon.

Behindwoods wishes the NKPK team on this unexpected yet well-deserved success and we wish that other small budget winners in recent times like Kumki, Attakathi and Pizza also honor their respective teams in similar success events.



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