Hits Out of Tamilnadu

Hits Out of Tamilnadu

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Similarity between Mankatha, Thuppakki, PodaPodi, Vishwaroopam, Adhibhagawan?????

All these movies had storyline or concepts out of Tamilnadu without connection to the nativity yet these films won the accolades and were successful at Box-office.

Earlier movies were made with strong nativity to connect with the audience and was considered to be a risky venture if were completely made out of Tamilnadu.

Mankattha and Thuppakki had Mumbai as backdrop completely. PodaPodi and Vishwaroopam went to the next level and were made completely out of India. Now Adhibhagawan was made in India and also in international land without touching Tamilnadu.

Seems audience too are seeking subjects which are global apart from Chennai based love stories and Madurai based faction and action movies.

In Bollywood many films have been made out of India which were huge hits and sometimes films were made for NRI’s too and the trend is still going strong there.

It is sure a welcome change and new trend which gives the film makers to explore films on Global Subjects.

Now one has to wait and see how the trend goes forward in Tamil films

By                                                                                                                                                                     Mohamed Imtiaz

Mohamed Imtiaz
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