The all important Vishwaroopam 'First Day' talk


By Kaushik L M

Finally, Vishwaroopam saw the light of the day yesterday 7th February, across the state. Ever since the first show, the movie has been a hot topic of discussion amid fans. More than being a mere movie, all the subtle nuances and undercurrents in the movie are being analyzed and there have been many articles written about the meaning behind certain scenes.

The belief that the movie is anti-Islam is totally false, according to popular opinion. Kamal has in fact shown even Jihadis as a purposeful lot with a relentless drive. The ‘Thuppakki Engal Tholile’ track with words like “Porgalai Naangal Thaernthedukavillai, Porthan Emmai Thaertheduthu Kondathu, Engalin Kaiyil Aayuthangal Illai, Ayithathin Kaiyil Engal Udal Ullathu, Oorai Kaakkum Porukku Othigai Seigindroam, Saavae Engal Vaazhvendru Sathiyam Seigindroam” is a case in point.

Fans have been welcoming of Kamal, the actor and the visionary director. His effeminate gestures and reactions as the Kathak dancer, his dialog delivery, the walking style among many others are gaining wholesome applause from the audience. The intelligent way in which he has woven nuclear science into his narrative with the usage of the Geiger counter, Faraday shield and Cesium also proves that he wore his thinking cap at all times during the scripting stage of the movie. And his use of pigeons as devices of deception in the movie leaves you awestruck. On the whole, we tend to wonder at this incredible multitasker who takes care of all aspects of his movie starting from the performance to the scripting to the technical aspects. Be prepared for his typical sarcastic takes on religion, though.

Speaking of technical aspects, the Afghan setting is so authentic and only Hollywood movies have dared to explore this landscape. Art director Ilayaraja and Kamal ought to be lauded for their research, hard work and attention to detailing. The good thing is that even the normal fan is noticing these aspects along with the mind-blowing action scenes and the top-notch cinematography.      

Lead actress Pooja Kumar is being seen as a welcome addition to the list of Tamil heroines and her effort at mastering a language which is totally alien to her, has won her plaudits. Her feminine grace and style are also being watched closely. Though there have been questions asked of Andrea’s importance to the movie, the tall heroine is a pleasant presence for sure.

Lead antagonist Rahul Bose comes across as genuine thanks to his appearance and his efforts at speaking the language. Other support actors like Shekhar Kapur and Jaideep Ahlawat are also being seen as integral to the movie. 

But fans who saw the movie yesterday across TN have been wondering if the version that they saw had visual cuts when compared to the version that released in the neighboring states and overseas markets. But Kamal himself has come out with a statement that there are just mutes in certain portions referring to the Holy Koran and some dialogues uttered by the main antagonist. His statement, “Welcome one and all to see freedom of expression. It is only some speech that has been edited.” sums up the situation in the most concise way possible.

Now coming to the box-office aspect of the film, the first day numbers are being awaited eagerly. But, looking at the almost spotless feedback about the film from almost everyone who has seen the movie, the numbers ought to be huge. And with impressive advance booking stats all through the week, we believe that Kamal and all the stakeholders will cover their investment easily. We will keep you posted about the trade aspects of Vishwaroopam soon.



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