You are very humble. Is it something you learnt from your mother or a quality that you imbibed in yourself?

I have the realization of how things happen in the film industry. I have spent a bigger part of my life as a common man, drinking tea from roadside shops in Kodambakkam.

Where does the inspiration to your movies come from?

Mostly from real life. I’m not alone in saying this; writers, directors or creators of any other form of art get inspired by real life a lot. They observe a lot and hence these things form backdrop to the creation.

Your movies do not have any regional identity and they can be adapted into any other language. Do you keep that in mind while writing your script? Or how do you do that?

After a few initial movies, I realized that urban stories are universal and do not need much tweaking to be adapted into a different language. If it’s a village story, you need to factor in the nativity aspects but urban stories are not like that and hence I focus on them.

Your movies have always had big stars. Can we expect a multilingual movie with up and coming stars from you?

I have a lot of ideas to cast up and coming stars and even debut actors. But my movies happen back to back as one is finished. For instance, plans for Thuppakki were made while I was still finishing up 7am Arivu. I understand the ease with which I can direct a debut actor. I am willing to explore it and I have plans.

Is there a possibility to see you direct Kamal or Rajini movies?

I have switched loyalties between Rajini and Kamal quite often, I loved both their work and I look up to them so much. I am still an awestruck fan and when an opportunity presents itself, I am sure I will work with them.

I am still an awestruck fan of Rajini & Kamal!

You have only released one film under your production banner and that has created a brand for your banner. Now you are producing your brother in Vathikuchi. What kind of movies do you want to produce?

My production venture is with Fox Films, the company that has a pan national presence. I cannot produce huge budget movies but I want to produce good movies with good messages. I also want at least a few actors in my production to be newcomers and when they come out of my banner I want them to be good at what they do.

I want to produce movies with good messages

You are launching your brother in Vathikuchi. Was it planned?

I only believe in talent and not influencing my directors with my choices. For that matter, my assistant directors go through stringent interviewing process. I also ensure that I cast actors whom I think are fit for the role rather than for the repeat factor of producer’s choices. When Vathikuchi’s director Kinslin expressed his interest in casting my brother in the film’s lead, I told him to conduct auditions and cast him only if he is satisfied with his choice. It’s totally his choice and I have no say in what Kinslin wants in his movie.

I only believe in talent and not influencing my directors with my choices

Have you thought about the possibility of directing Rajini and Kamal in a same film?

I will not leave an opportunity like that to go waste but the problem is that both of them are extremely good at what they do. If one of them plays a negative role, it cannot be equated with a positive role because they will be so convincing playing the negative role. All that apart, I will be interested in a movie like that.

You have worked with both Ajith and Vijay. Any possibility of directing them together?

In fact I have a story that would be suitable for a movie like that. But I haven’t discussed it with them. I do not know if it will be feasible for a movie like that. But if there is an opportunity, I will be sure to direct them.

I have a script ready to cast Ajith and Vijay in a film

Tamil movies are witnessing a change in trend these days; small budget movies are doing well. What is your take on it?

South India is bustling with talent. I watch a lot of documentaries when I am free and it amazes me to see how the new breed of directors manage a short film in the cost of a costume budget of lead actors of a mainstream movie. When I came into the industry, I had no clue about how movies work. But the new breed of my assistant directors know things more than even I do; they are technically sound. They leave after one movie and go on their own.

I think movies like Pizza should be encouraged because it puts such talent on a pedestal. However, there is also a danger of movies mushrooming to cash in on the phenomenon. As long as we recognize the talent, I think there is good future for such movies.

What is your advice for the new breed of talent?

Read a lot that opens up an entire world for you. Also watch a lot of movies. You need experience in life for that you need to be a keen observer. Since I come from the lower rungs of the society, I know what happens in, say a village municipal office, court and so on. Often the young, debut directors focus on a love story that can be said brilliantly because they belong to that section of the society. But they need to progress from that and graduate into making multiple subjects.

Tell us the books you like, movies you like

I like Tamil novels a lot; I am re-reading Cho Ramaswamy’s Mahabharatam. I also read Ki Rajanarayanan’s books. Mahabharatam fascinates me a lot. Ki Rajanarayanan’s books about forests giving way to villages, about simple things such as match boxes and torch lights.

How do you spend your leisure time?

I can be easily bored. I watch movies but usually I work a lot even on Sundays so I cannot stay from movies even for a day. I am used to working like that. I rest after 7 in the evening.

There are speculations that you are going to work with Ajith next. How true are they?

I would like that to happen too soon. But Ajith has to decide on that. I am just a phone call away to Ajith. I am ready to work with him whenever he calls me.

I would like a movie with Ajith to happen soon



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