Stars join the Vishwaroopam cause


By Kaushik

In the wake of the recent legal furor over the release of Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam, other celebrities in the Tamil industry have shown their solidarity towards the Ulaganayagan. Though there were just some early bloomers like Rajini and Bharathirajaa, now almost the entire industry has kicked itself into action. The social media has helped many stars and celebrities to voice their opinions on the issue and each of them has been unanimously on Kamal’s side. We have compiled a list of few of the reactions and comforting words that Kamal has received over the past week or so. 

Rajini - “Kamal is my very good friend. He never hurts others. He is one of the reasons the world is looking at Tamil Cinema. I request the leaders of the Muslim fraternity to discuss with Kamal to reach a favorable consensus without hampering the content of the film.”
Ajith - “Secularism - a system of political or social philosophy that rejects all forms of religious faith and worship. Is India a Secular nation or being played on the basis of vote bank politics? Democracy and Secularism are being misunderstood as clichéd words that are just adjectives for our nation. Time we lend our ears to the actual values that the country lives for.”
Shahrukh Khan - “We’ve all faced this and gone through this. To say the least it’s the most unfortunate thing when somebody’s work is stopped. Kamal is a senior who I have a lot of respect for. Personally, the visual effects of Vishwaroopam have been done by my company, Red Chillies.”
Aamir Khan - “Censor Board viewed the movie and gave clearance for release. At least then, the ban should have been removed. This is a democratic country.” 
Pawan Kalyan - “Carrying label of caste feelings, ban has been imposed upon Vishwaroopam. This is shadow boxing for satellite licensing.” 
Nagarjuna - "I don’t think Kamal is a person who will cause communal disharmony.”
Prakash Raj - “Kamal Haasan’s statement amplifies the obvious threat to every secular minds existence. Silence around proves "FEAR is growing into a disease".”
Javed Akthar - “What is happening to Vishwaroopam is not acceptable. We condemn the trouble makers in the strongest possible words.” 
Bharathiraja - “I observe this ban on Kamal Haasan as a ban on all the Indian artistes. Kamal is always very conscious about not hurting any sentiments and he never sells himself to anybody for a selfish cause. He is a Bharathiyar sans Moustache, for he keeps fighting against superstitious beliefs.”
Khushbu - “My heart bleeds for Kamal sir... :(:(:(:( On my way to meet the legend n my hero, Kamal Sir... He needs us but we the film fraternity of India, needs him the most … He is our treasure!”
Parthiban - “People are the best judges. They should decide on whether the film is against a community or not. The challenge Kamal Hassan is shouldering now, must actually be shared by the entire film fraternity.”
Arvind Swamy - “On my way back after meeting Kamal sir. He has my unconditional support. Keep the faith. He will emerge victorious with all our support … What is happening to Kamal sir is unfair and unjust. Request the artistes and technicians associations to organize a silent show of protest.”
Yuvan Shankar Raja - “Rapist get away when the whole nation cried for that girl but a true artist is being punished for nothing. Totally wrong. Really really upset with this law n order crap ... Kamal sir we are with you.”
Ameer “I am saddened by Kamal's interview today. He is a great artiste. TN Govt. should find a solution at the earliest.”

Priya Mani - "I support my all time fav idol!!!!I support u kamal sir!!!!" 

Shruti Haasan - "I've had the privilege of being born into an artistic family and my father is one of my greatest inspirations as an artist.its so saddening for me to see this day as a daughter and an artist where someone isn't allowed to put out their work and isn't allowed the basic freedom and respect that should be granted to any you bapu ..we are with you."

Siddharth - “Heartbreaking to see the greatest Tamil actor of all time talking about leaving Tamil Nadu, about bankruptcy and about unfair persecution.”
Jiiva - “Why isn't Nadigar Sangam reacting to the Vishwaroopam issue!??? Strange very strange.”
Dhayanidhi Alagiri - “Totally hurt and frustrated after seeing Kamal sir's speech... He doesn't deserve this.”
Siva Karthikeyan - “Irudhiyil dharmamae vellum...we are wit u Kamal sir.”
Varalakhsmi Sarathkumar - “Shocked at the injustice that’s being forced upon Kamal Sir. Can't understand why Nadigar Sangam isn't reacting. We support u sir.”
With so much goodwill pouring in from all quarters, we really hope that Kamal wins this seemingly never-ending legal tussle over his magnum-opus.




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