The first day mayhem!


By Prathap

Some movies have it all - big names; stars, directors, banners, music, hype and what not. And regardless of their performance in the subsequent days, they rule the roost on the first day of their release selling out all shows in a city like Chennai. But not many movies have that privilege. Here are a few movies that sold out on the day of their release in Chennai.

Sivaji - 2007: The Rajini - Shankar combination was too good to resist. Throw in Rahman's super hit music and writing help from the great Tamil writer Sujatha, Sivaji scored on all counts.

Dasavatharam - 2008: It could be Kamal's ten distinct roles or the presence of international sensations like Jackie Chan or Bollywood sensations like Mallika Sherawat, Dasavatharam made it big at the box office on its opening day.

Enthiran - 2010: After the super success of Sivaji, Enthiran what with its sci-fi story about a humanoid was only a matter of release to be catapulted into super stardom. The release day shows were sold out days earlier to the movie's release.

Mankatha - 2011: Ajith made bad boys look stylish and Mankatha stirred up expectations for that reason. And that hyped up ticket sales and eventually the movie's success.

Billa 2 - 2012: The prequel to the blockbuster don movie, Billa 2 opened to impressive ticket sales.

Thuppakki - 2012: One of the blockbusters of the year, Thuppakki brought Vijay back into what he does best. Only in a suave manner and the opening day ticket sales are proof to its success.



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