"Neenga Double a Theriyareenga..."


By Kaushik

The trailer of Vishal’s December release Samar was released recently and viewers who got the chance to see it would have noticed two Vishals in the last shot of the trailer. So is he doing double roles in this movie? On the evidence of the trailer, we assume he is indeed doing so. This will mark the first time that the tall actor would be attempting a double role in his career.

He joins the long list of popular heroes who have acted in double roles in their respective careers. A double role promises double the fun for fans of the star and the star can also explore unchartered territories with the myriad roles that he gets to do in the same movie.

Starting from the legendary Rajini, Kamal to current day hotshots like Vijay, Ajith and Suriya, each actor has attempted to do double roles and with varying degrees of success.

Rajini’s Enthiran is well documented for his twin roles of Vaseegaran and Chitti. The film proved to be a major blockbuster across the world. Kamal hasn’t stopped at just double and triple roles as he has done quadruple roles and ten roles in Michael Madhana Kaama Rajan and Dasavatharam respectively.

Ajith has tasted great success in his double role movies starting from Vaali, Villain to Billa. His triple action treat Varalaaru is a major milestone in his long career. His ‘double’ turn in movies like Aasal didn’t work well though.

Suriya is also a certified expert at pulling off double roles convincingly after the decent success of movies like Vel, Perazhagan and Vaaranam Aayiram. His recent efforts in portraying double roles in 7aum Arivu and Maattrraan are truly applause-worthy.

Vijay’s turn with double roles hasn’t met with the expected results as movies like ATM and Villu bombed at the box-office. Vikram hasn’t done multiple roles in the same movie even once, though he had multiple personality disorder in his landmark Anniyan.

Current generation stars like Arya and STR have portrayed double roles in movies like Chikku Bukku, Manmadhan and Silambaattam respectively. Karthi dazzled in Siruthai as Rathnavel Pandian and Rocket Raja and the film is his biggest commercial success to date. The contrast that he showed for both the roles was creditable. Dhanush and Jayam Ravi are yet to do such roles and we are sure that it is just a matter of time before they also jump onto the bandwagon and join this league.

Fans would be eager to check out what Vishal has done in his double roles in Samar. Is it just the same person posing as two individuals, or do we have illusions and hallucinations or is it indeed a double role?



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