Why should Ajith take such risks?


By Kaushik

The footage of Ajith’s accident while shooting for a car stunt scene in his upcoming Vishnuvardhan project has been doing the rounds since yesterday. When you see the video, the heart definitely skips a beat.

You start wondering, “Why should Ajith take such risks?” The daredevil actor has shown his prowess at stunts in his previous movies like Mankatha, Billa 1 and 2 and Paramasivan. With adequate safety measures, his own expertise and also thanks to good fortune, Ajith could pull off the stunts convincingly and the output on screen was fantabulous for his fans.

But, one can never be sure when an accident or misfortune is around the corner. On this occasion, Ajith very nearly damaged his right leg. The repercussions of such an accident are hard to imagine. Already, there are reports that Ajith requires a minor surgery to correct this ligament tear in his leg. He is postponing this surgery as he doesn’t wish to disturb the dates of the other actors involved and also to not hamper the production process. 

Ajith, being a huge star with good market value, has a lot of stakeholders who are dependent on his films. Be it the producer, the distributors, the exhibitors, the canteen owners at theaters or even the guy at the parking lot. Not to mention, the millions of fans who swear by his movies and personality. The pain that this incident must have caused to his close family and his friends is again better left unsaid.

We definitely do appreciate his willingness to do his stunts on his own. We also agree that the presence of a stunt double definitely robs the fun out of an action sequence. But, an actor’s health and well-being is more important than the above two factors.

A few months back, there were reports that for another action scene in this movie, Ajith literally hung upside down for a couple of days as the sequence demanded such a herculean effort. This scene was completed without any complications thankfully. Now, post this incident while filming this car stunt scene, we have to see if Ajith continues to indulge in such daredevilry.    

But being a professional car/bike racer who has already experienced many a mishap and many a corrective surgery, one does feel that Ajith experiences an adrenaline rush whenever he is presented with a challenging stunt scene. This leads us to believe that the actor will continue performing stunt scenes of the highest order in future too.

But with advancing age, some caution ought to be entertained as the body starts complaining and starts feeling the heat under extreme strain. We do hope that Ajith is perfectly fine now and is taking all the medical precautions to ensure that his right leg is fit and fine. He has a lot of years ahead to entertain and a fit body is a must.



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