An open letter to Simbu!

An open letter to Simbu!

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Dear Simbu. I have to say I am a big fan of you right from my childhood.  I started loving you ever since I saw ‘ORU VASANTHA GEETHAM’. I became a staunch fan of then a small kid who had immense energy and talent that belies his years. And then you grew up and began as a solo hero with ‘Kaadhal Azhivathillai’. Except for that movie I have watched all the rest in theatres as an ardent Simbu fan.


Even duds like ‘Alai’, I watched in the theatre as a true Simbu fanatic. But now, my patience is growing thin. Imagine this, a 15 year old me fighting with my uncles to be taken to ‘Manmathan’ and going to Vallavan despite me having my exams. I fiercely supported your bad boy image and was proud as a Simbu fan. And then came Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya that took my respect for you to stratospheric heights. Little super star was finally beginning to shine. Vaanam was another feather to your cap. Except, that’s where the positives end.


The movies started slowing down. I got to see my star from thrice a year to once a year. Pardon me for saying this as a fan but you have not reached the level where a single movie a year is all it takes to get you going (like Ajith, Vijay). Still I loved seeing you on screen so much that I waited patiently for Poda Podi. I don’t care about that film’s box office because the film was my life. Few people would get the chance to watch their life on screen and I did (my situation with my then girlfriend was exactly what the movie had portrayed). I watched the movie 15 times at the theatre just to watch you live my life. And after a long time came Vaalu. The movie was so bad that I would have been happy if it had just been shelved.


It’s been three years since then and I’m still waiting to be enthralled by my Star Silambarasan. I don’t know if trouble has a way to find you or you go in search of it. There have been allegations about your lack of punctuality, your relationship with Hansika, your problems with the directors, so many exciting films with you as the lead being called off (Vada Chennai), not yet releasing love anthem, and still many issues. All this has hurt me very badly, and recently the movie ‘Kaan’ too has been called off.


All this has made me realise one thing. You are at least responsible for some of the bad luck that is coming your way. The main way an artist connects with the fans is through the screen. We haven’t seen you in a long time. I am becoming weak in resolve thala! I can’t continue to not be influenced by your personal activities. Please concentrate on movies for us fans and satisfy us. Make us proud to be a Simbu fan. I am sure many of your fans like me are becoming disillusioned about You. Please guide us through this dark phase with meaningful movies that showcase your vast talent and wonderful acting potential. Kindly don’t push us over the edge.

Jeyaram Jawahar

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