The Walk (Zen feeling of walk!!)

The Walk (Zen feeling of walk!!)

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Robert Zemeckis’s had a fascination for running in Forest Gump while in The Walk movie his fascination for walking has come out!!


This Walk is special with 3D creation and this helps us to walk with Philippe Petit. The towers are gigantic and now it helps us to realise that we grew with the towers for almost 26-27 yrs before it came crashing down.


Lets give this movie to the Tower, the wire, the entire team and the cosmos for helping and enabling Philippe to complete the walk.Robert Zemeckis mentions this poignantly in the final sequences in his own imitable style.


This entire team will be running for Oscars next year and its going to be another Forest Gump (read bumper) year for Robert Zemeckis team.


The movie in some of the walking sequences is Zen like!! Enjoy The Walk in theatres.



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