Kuttram Kadithal – An unadulterated display of human emotions

Kuttram Kadithal – An unadulterated display of human emotions

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It is an intriguing tale which depicts how a person’s slipshod mistake burgeons into a much bigger problem with a fortuitous chain of events that happen and extends to show how it impacts a whole spectrum of people involved in it.


The movie is so much rooted to the plot with stark realism stamped all over it. The director’s notion is crystal clear. He doesn’t intend to make a movie to preach the world with high-octane messages nor allure the audience with the cinematic exaggerations. All he wants is to share an earnest story, through the visual space that is allocated to him in a very subtle way.


It mainly deals with the nifty emotions of the people, which are so real and palpable. It also touches upon some of the prevailing social issues on a neutral stand and makes it open ended, giving room for our own imaginations and interpretations. He has completely redefined the conventional pattern followed in film making. The movie offers a real different treatment. Especially, the way he has handled those high intensity scenes by sustaining it a bit longer for us to completely assimilate the emotions emanated in the screen, which is a clear manifestation of his directorial brilliance. His penchant towards film making can be evidently seen and felt throughout. He brings in all his theatrical experience into play and gives us a poetic, metaphoric masterpiece.


The casting could not have been done better. Everyone fits their roles so perfectly. The usage of the word ‘acting’ would be a definite misnomer. Because, here it’s all about how seamlessly they lived those characters throughout the prescribed run time. Music is one more important entity which is tightly intertwined with the scenes and flows along with the movie quite naturally.   


Well, Kuttram Kadithal will really hit you hard. It will make you weep, it will make you think, it will make you realize and will trigger your moral sense on different levels. It is like a magical potion (strictly with no artificial sweeteners) that should be taken for recuperating yourself from doing the misdemeanors. The more you take it, the better a human you become.


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