Thani Oruvan- One man show indeed!

Thani Oruvan- One man show indeed!

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Living in Perth, Australia means watching Tamil movie in theatre is an occasion. Having said that, not before fully recovering from Baahubali’s hangover, there comes another stunner, ironically, with an apt title!! I went to see the movie without any expectation, with just Mohan Raja in mind (of course, Nayanthara too!!). But, boy oh boy oh, what an experience! While Baahubali portrayed a simple story in grandeur manner, Thani Oruvan exhibited a grandeur story in simple intelligent style. Another example from Tamil cinema, as a proof that script is paramount. With no proper (strong) script, even Siddharth Abimanyu is void.


In my perspective, director Mohan Raja is THANI ORUVAN who created this impact. Right from the start of the movie, the director’s effort can be seen. Director must breath, eat, sleep and dream about the script. This is the only way to give such as flawless movie. Punch dialogues were so etched with the situation and elevated the scene.


Jayam Ravi’s spontaneity suits well with his characterization and doesn’t feel like heroism. As a matter of fact, this is how heroism should be and not with loud dialogues or gravity-defying stunt sequences. After a long time, Nayan isn’t just used as an eye-candy but as a significant character assisting Jayam Ravi to move forward in the movie.


When there are numerous characters involved in a movie, there is a high probability for audience to get confused or sometimes get annoyed, but Thani Oruvan is an exception. All characters come in a right time for right duration and carry the story forward. Nicely played, Mr. Director!!


The balance between how much Siddharth and Mithran handle the situation is well scripted and executed. All departments gave their best, while music by Adhi is exceedingly suitable for the villain. Simple music yet powerful for Siddharth Abimanyu. The scene where Mithran saves two lives in a scene shows the superiority of Mithran and beauty pageant episode shows the epic control and manipulative skills of the villain. In the recent time, I have urged my Australian colleagues to watch Baahubali (English subtitles). But, surely I will ask the same colleagues to sit with me to watch Thani Oruvan to show them that there is an industry called KOLLYWOOD, which gives quality Tamil movies with mind-blowing story. Thanks to Mohan Raja and team, for giving me the opportunity to brag about our Tamil movies… As a request from sincere to Mohan Raja sir, Please consider a sequel for Thani Oruvan!!

Vinod Anand.K

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