Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies

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Bridge of Spies - Reconstructs the core value of a democratic constitution and dictation of the same constitution. Mark my words "This film will win the most Oscars this year." and the third for Steven Spielberg. 


Spoiler Alert*

A political court drama in the first half and a thrilling rivalry episode between 2 great ideologies of the world in second half. Spielberg delivers yet another CLASSIC this time with a plot based on true events that happened between US and Russia. The film is based on an alleged spy who is arrested in US and Tom Hanks aka James Donovan is hired to defend him as per the US Constitution. Eventually, even another American Spy is caught in USSR and Tom Hanks is asked to negotiate with Russia in exchange of spies is the story. 


It’s too hard to call this film as Patriotic or Non Patriotic. Because you would oppose Tom Hanks and sometimes you will support. 


The greatness of this great old man, Spielberg is his choice of films. I was one of the saddest when I learnt that Spielberg dropped the Film American Snipers despite being a great fan of Eastwood I wanted Spielberg to direct that film but now I know that he has given up Schooling to start a College. 


US is known for its freedom of speech that doesn't exist in most of the countries, despite that James is opposed as he defends alleged Russian spy Abel. There are lots of scenes that reconstruct the core value of a democratic constitution of US. The conversation between James Donovan and Cops at his house, the First conversation between James and CIA Agent in a restaurant, conversation between Judge and James and not to miss the morning pledge by students who promises one Nation under God for liberty and Justice for every human being in the Nation while next scene is James in a public transport and every American staring at him for defending the alleged Russian. What a great piece of art by Spielberg. 


And in the climax after Spies exchanged James goes in his usual Public Transport and now the news papers read "Powers freed against the exchange of Soviet Spy" and another news paper reads "US Pilot returns home" and while the third one reads "Prisoner exchanged and pilot brought home". This shows how a nation treats Spy of its own country as HERO but other country as Spy.... After all these a lady turns the news paper showing the other side of the real truth "American helps in PRISONERS EXCHANGE" remember it was on "OTHER SIDE" of the media... I was left speechless. What a way to convey to the audience.... 


After which he looks through the window and kids jump over 2 walls and he looks in pain as it reminds him about couple who were shoot while trying to jump the Berlin Wall. Realizing that he has lot of people to save in the world and right next scene James Donovan's further history is revealed where he saves 9000 plus Americans from Cuba...  You got to watch it feel it.... No words con substantiate his message... 


Spielberg deserved an Oscar for Lincoln but he missed it but I think Oscar can’t afford to skip Spielberg. 


Verdict - MASTER PEACE (Well I know I spelt it wrong)


Harish Tinku

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