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Actor Simbu to stay away from Twitter

Actor Simbu, who happens to be very active in social media, is planning to stay away from Twitter going forward. His Twitter handle from now on, will be maintained by his fan club admin.

The talented actor has stated that he will use his Twitter handle if the situation demands, which means he is not going to completely stay away from it.

Simbu apparently wants to provide films of content and quality to his fans and that’s the reason for him to step aside from Twitter.

Check out his final tweets:

“I am very thankful to my fans and friends who had been following me in the twitter until now. My twitter will be handled by fans club admin ..

Will choose to use it only if situation demands as i feel as an artiste i am bound to provide films of content and quality to my fans.

An artiste's connection to the fans is 'Quality films' confident that my fans will understand my stature on this . Neenga illama nan illa :)

Will miss u :( Thanks for the love ... Love u all :) God bless”.

*Tweets are not spell checked!

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Actor Simbu to stay away from Twitter

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