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Sivaji, Dasavatharam and their skyrocketing budget
Movie making is no child’s play. Tamil movie making is reaching new turns these days owing to their exorbitant budgets and mega star casts. What plays a significant role in deciding a mega movie? The hefty paycheck of the actors followed by the paycheck of directors and heroine of the movie. While these aspects devour the lion’s share of the movie’s budget, the rest of the budget is spent on extravagant sets, ostentatious costumes, and exotic locales, which fulfills the budget.

Interestingly, crores have become no matter of concern these days. Even a movie with a shoestring budget and not-a-star-thing-cast costs more than a crore in Tamil cinema and if the returns are satisfactory, producers resort to those kinds of movies in large numbers to try their luck at the box office. Many have managed to make money though that way.

Rajini’s Sivaji and Kamal’s Dasavatharam are the two upcoming movies with out of the ordinary budget.

While Rajini’s movies are always meant to be flamboyant costing close to 40 crores, Kamal’s movies are nothing far behind. Kamal’s Dasavatharam is expected to touch a 35 crore budget mark owing to its added attractions like Himesh Reshmmiya, Mallika Sherawat, and Kamal himself in 10 different roles.

Out of Sivaji’s budget, Rajini takes home close to 20 crore which is more than just half of the budget. Next comes Shankar with a paycheck of 3 crores. Rahman’s paycheck is two crores and the heroine Shreya is paid 30 lakhs. Other expenses like special effects, technicians’ wages, outdoor shooting expenses – especially in locations outside India contribute to the rest of the budget.

Luckily, and to the benefit of the producer, Rajini’s movies have a minimum guarantee all over the world. His flicks will be sold at a minimum of 30 lakhs per print, which almost covers up the entire budget that was spent on the moviemaking.


If that is not enough, the movies promisingly make a huge profit almost all the time. In rare instances as in case of Baba, if the movie fails to make profits, Rajini calls on the distributors and disburses the loss incurred thereby equating the earning and the expenditure.

While this is the case of Sivaji, Dasavatharam remunerates Kamal with a 7 crore paycheck. KS Ravikumar is next in the line with a crore’s pay check. Himesh Reshmmiya is paid 50 lakh followed by Asin with a 45 lakh.

Mallika Sherawat receives a whopping 40 lakh for her flicker of an appearance and Ravivarman, the cinematographer is paid 40 lakh as well. The rest of the budget is shared by the special effects, wages of technicians, and shooting abroad.
Though Kamal’s movies are a safe bet for the producer, they do not have a minimum guarantee in all distributing areas and only have a say at the box office in metros. At the same time, Kamal’s movies manage to churn out huge expectations, where its run is based on the first report of the public – word of mouth precisely..

Under these circumstances, what remains to be seen is whether the movies are meeting the budget standards and proving to be monstrous hits. If the movies manage to pull off blockbusters at the box office, the producers and the distributors will definitely be in high spirits.
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