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Kamal on his journey through Life, Movies and Rajini!!
Kamal Hassan is a worried man. Strange as that may sound, he is anxious that he is running out of time. That he is getting old. It is a testament to the commitment of the actor to his profession that he genuinely feels he does not have much time left in his acting career. He wants to achieve greater things – especially his dream project Maruthunayagam.
Dreams unattained….
He says he is still trying to live his dreams at 19. Which only makes us wonder, what those dreams should have been, if after 30 years of such a stellar career, they are still not attained. He is almost adamant that each film of his should be better than the previous. Even when he has made immortal classics like Hey Ram which is quite simply tough to beat. He takes comfort from the fact that India is now economically flourishing which will enable funding for Marudhunayagam from within the country. Thankfully, the parts where Kamal Hassan should be younger have already been shot.
Filmmaking? It’s much like a war!!
One of India’s greatest actors says, filming making is much like a war. Where there is a constant battle between the outcome and the desired. A legend, living in changing times, he acknowledges that his replacement is probably in the industry already. Chuckling and reminiscing about the time 30 years ago when he and his fellow actors were in the same boat. Recalling how the illustrious Sivaji Ganesan said there would come a replacement in time, it still took the great man 7 long years to acknowledge Kamal Hassan as his.
Sarika & Kamal
A look for technical details in Sarika’s fatal fall
Kamal & Rajini
Kamal was a reluctant actor at the beginning. But now, he has come to enjoy acting so much that he finds it most gratifying. However, he still likes to be known as more than a mere actor. Ever the observant student of Cinema, he admits, even when his former wife Sarika had a near fatal fall, a part of him was fascinated by the technical details of it. Talking about the differences in Bollywood and Kollywood, he said there were prejudices at both places. This meant a cross over was difficult. Anil Kapoor had acted in several of the Hindi remakes of his movie. But, the remake will never be as good as the original, the star opined.
Even if he fell, wouldn't let Rajini fall…
Recalling his special relationship with Rajinikanth, he remembered the time when he and Rajini were starting to branch off. Rajini when asked why he was doing movies in a over stylized manner, had said he would choose his path and Kamal should choose his. Now we know, how lucky we are because of that, as the audience. Both Rajini and Kamal did not have any godfather in the industry – unlike many do, today. Both started from scratch.
Kamal indicated that he was always very interested in exploring the possibilities of acting together with Rajini. He warned though, as Rajini had, that the expectations would be too much.
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