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Asin – Dasavatharam and more
There was a time when Asin was considered jinxed. Her first movie didn’t take off – and as it happens in Kollywood, the heroine was blamed for all misfortune. For several months, she did not have a single project. Then M Kumaran happened. To borrow a cliché, Asin has simply not looked back since.

With a string of hits and a blockbuster in Gajini, entire Kollywood is now at her doorstep. Producers, directors, actors – you name them, they are there. Trying to get her say yes to their film.
But now, the actress from Kerala has become choosy about her roles. She takes a while to decide which project she should take up. Evidence indicates, that strategy is paying off. She is now acting simultaneously with Vijay in Pokiri, and Ajith in Aalavar. That is not even the big story – Asin is so hot in Kollywood now. She has signed up to play a double role in Kamal’s Dasavatharam. Not many get an opportunity to even star in a Kamal movie – let alone play a double role.
Admitting that she was in a male dominated industry and society, Asin’s care in choosing her script has often been criticized. After Majaa, she kept refusing scripts for 7 long months. Yet, her dusky looks and good acting repertoire have made sure there has been no depreciation in her star value.

Asin claims that she is not image conscious. However, she said she would not accept the roles of young mothers. Maybe, that is more a reflection of the society than the actress herself.
Asin is confident that her emphasis on scripts is a good long-term strategy. She argues that a fewer films of quality over a longer period of time is a better bet than a large number of average films. The former, she says will ensure that the audience remembers her. Her star value is in fact enhanced by this tactic. She also refused to comment on her Bollywood plans and was evasive on that regard.

We wish Asin the very best. May she rock the Tamil screen for many more years to come.
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