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Tamil Movie Review : Parijatham
A whiff of fresh air – scented Parijatham!!

Cast: Prithviraj, Saranya, Prakash Raj, Roja, Seetha

Music Director: Tharan

Director: K Bhagyaraj

Parijatham may be a big comeback for Bhagyaraj. It reinforces his standing as a master storyteller. He must be congratulated for not diluting his unique brand in the name of catering to today’s audience. He is always known for a crafty screenplay in which the twists and turns are built up right till the end when he clears up the glitches. Thankfully, he has continued in the same vein in Parijatham too.
Sentimental fare

At the core of the film is the story of the transformation of a girl. Belonging to a rich family which falls on bad times, the young girl is faced with a dilemma of choice. How she resolves the seemingly irreconcilable differences forms the interesting thread. Sarathbabu must receive the biggest bouquet for a fine performance. He has lent the character dignity and realism. The dialogues are simple but powerful. The sentimental touch to his problems and his inability to articulate about them openly have been portrayed well.
Fine debut for Saranya

Saranya, Bhagyaraj’s daughter, resembles her mother Poornima. She has acted with great élan and does not show nervousness of a first film. Besides, she has also worked hard to come up to her father’s exacting standards. Whether as a happy-go-lucky girl who brings down the house in her encounter with the hero, Prithviraj or as the responsible daughter who stands by her father for the sake of family honor, Saranya has shouldered her responsibilities very well.
Hail Prakashraj!

Prakashraj wins thumbs up again. His role of the father concerned about the future of his son brings out fine nuances of traits in every such father. His body language is remarkable. The tussle between father and son also sees him steal a march over the young hero. Youth wishing to enter cinema should learn a lot from Prakashraj.
Bhagyaraj stamps

Bhagyaraj appears in his trademark style to tie up the loose ends. His brand of humor brightens up the proceedings. After the Chokkathangam fiasco, Parijatham may well mark the beginning of another fruitful innings for him.

On the whole, Parijatham is like a fragrant flower soaked in the early morning mist!
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