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‘Vallavan’ Music: Yuvan has proved once again!! 
Nine songs!! Phew! Vallavan might be embroiled in a series of controversies, but they have managed to release their audio. Going by the number of songs (six, two theme songs), curiosity about this film is only on the rise. We have heard some better songs of Yuvan, though Vallavan is definitely above average. Here is what we think about all the songs:
Podu Attampodu (Vijay Yesudas)

This is a typical “kuthu” song, that has now come to become an indelible part of any film. A song that epitomizes the happy-go-lucky mentality of a teenager, where idealism runs high and the hunger to win, no matter what, is the mantra of this song.

The song is peppy, though reminds one of a lot of other similar numbers.
A lot of scope for Simbu to prove his prowess yet again as a dancer – fast, racy, packed with attitude, and perhaps, the perfect introductory song for Simbu and his character in the film – if we are to go by the brief storyline that are doing rounds today. Vijay Yesudas sounds different, giving the song that added punch.
Loosu Penne (Silambarasan, Blaaze)

With India’s most-sought after rapper Blaaze in the song, don’t expect too much of a rap number. The song has a slow beat throughout, and is an all out romantic number. A song that can easily be visualized as the hero pining for his lady love. Simbu has sung a few lines in the song as well, and actually shows promise as a singer. Blaaze, though, has been used very differently in this song, with not so much rap as there is melody.
The song undoubtedly has a hip-hop feel to it, and Yuvan, has proved once again, that he is definitely a new generation music director. In this song, he captures the essence of a young man singing his unrequited loved for a girl, and has used the “Blaaze” effect to his advantage. This is the kind of song to sink into when alone, and will definitely be on of the chart toppers from the film.
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Vallavan – theme music

Definitely one of the best in the album – the theme music is catchy, brings out the essence of the film perfectly. A little bit of mystery, a little adventure, a few thrills, and a pace that will keep you asking for more. The theme music illustrates Yuvan’s perfect understanding of the script, at least, as far as the music goes. Now whether the scenes and visuals in the film complement that is to be seen. Literally!
Hip Hip Hurrey (Karthik, Sunitha Sarathy)

The beginning bit of the music is reminiscent of the Final Countdown refrain by the group, Toto. A song that brings to light the arrogance (perhaps) that comes with the will to overcome anything in life. The lyrics talk about the antics a student usually indulges in while at school, and takes it a step further playing out the “I don’t care attitude”. Again a fast paced song, not so much on the kuthu number lines though.
Karthik’s voice sounds refreshing, after having heard him in innumerable melody songs, and Sunitha, as always, fits the “western” element in the song to a T. The song, on the whole, is very average. A tune that will slip your mind pretty soon.
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