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To Rajini sir, with love…
Rajinikanth’s fans are quite easily one of Tamil Nadu’s largest and most powerful groups. Recently, his fans went on a hunger strike at Tenkasi, creating a flutter in the political and movie circles. They demanded that Rajinikanth should allow them to start a movement and that he should become their leader.
As per the statement issued by the fans of Rajini, they feel very low without a movement headed by him. Though they feel bad about this fast during the shooting of Sivaji as it would trouble Rajinikanth but they are left with no option. If they are not expressing themselves now, they would never get an opportunity later. They are a butt of everyone’s ridicule during every election. But if the same situation continues, history would slowly obliterate the name of Rajinikanth, which his fans do not want. Hence they need a movement headed by him; they need a permanent address under which they can do good work to the society.
This fast is basically to request their powerful yet humble leader to lead them. They also demanded to re-issue the registration number for fan clubs, which was stopped decades ago. They also said that if their requests are not met with, they would fast in Chennai too.
The hunger strike was staged in front of the Mahatma Gandhi statue at Tenkasi. Earlier, a pooja was performed for Babaji’s photo at the venue and the fans observed silence for two minutes for the victims of Mumbai blasts and for the Tamilians who lost their lives in the unfortunate accident in Bahrain.

Rajinikanth, unlike many other Tamil film stars, has stayed away from politics. Despite several opportunities, Rajinikanth has been very hesitant. He has resisted all attempts by leading politicians and his fans to pull him into active politics.
Actors who have less than a fraction of a following that the superstar has have contested in elections. T Rajendar, Bhagyaraj, Vijaykanth, Karthik and several others to name a few. However, that has simply not mattered to the man who has captured the collective imagination of an entire society for more than three decades.
In terms of his popularity as a movie star, he is simply the biggest. His salary is bigger than anyone else’s – not just in Tamil Nadu but also in all of India. He has a fan following in every demographic segment. His movies are received well by the young and, old, men and women, rich and poor – there simply is not a segment of population in Tamil Nadu which does not like this actor. Some may not even know why they like him – but still they do. He is the definition of the X-factor that people talk about.Continued on next page >>
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