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Rajini irritated by Peter Haynes; Sivaji stalled for a short time!!
A film that has Rajinikanth playing the lead, Shankar wielding the megaphone and AVM handling the production must go on without any hassles, one might think. But, that is not the case.
Don’t get upset, especially if you are one of those diehard Rajini fans waiting eagerly for Sivaji. The problems don’t seem to be too serious, maybe just flared tempers at the end of a long day and nothing else. After all we know enough about Rajini to be sure that he won’t disappoint his fans. This is just a brief account of what seems to have happened on the sets of Sivaji over the last 2 days. Mind you, Sivaji shooting is being carried out under very closely guarded premises and any news is hard to come. What we got to hear might be an exaggeration; ‘mountain out of a molehill’.
The superstar’s driver is reportedly the one behind the first act of this play of two acts. Rajini had a very small part to play in this first act; the driver of the caravan did all the talking. The superstar wanted to read the day’s newspaper during a break in shooting. The policeman standing guard outside Rajini’s caravan couldn’t find anybody in the unit to get one. So he himself bought a newspaper and handed it to the superstar who was inside the caravan.
Peter  Heynes
The driver makes his appearance now, after being absent for all this while. He was infuriated to know that the policeman had actually entered the caravan. What followed was a verbal thrashing of the poor policeman; the reason seems to be appallingly inadequate. At the end of the barrage of words, the driver warned the policeman against breathing a word about this to the superstar. He reportedly threatened the policeman with serious consequences.
All this while, Rajinikanth was reading his newspaper inside, he was unaware of the commotion outside, after all caravans are made to keep unwanted sounds away. Whether the superstar was told about all this by anyone later is anybody’s guess. But that issue seems to have been dead and buried then and there.

So you thought that this was the problem that was being referred to at the beginning.
You might be wondering why all the ‘build up’ had been given just to tell this silly matter. Well, then the news is just about to come. Take it.
Peter  Heynes
Act 2: Rajini leaves the shooting spot!

Surprised! Read on. A fight scene of Sivaji was being filmed at the Binny mills in Chennai. Till this incident everything had been going on as smoothly as one could ask for. The entire unit was awestruck by the way Rajini was conducting himself on the sets of the film. He showed amazing energy and schoolboy enthusiasm for every shot.
He was all ears to what Shankar had to say and never insisted upon any changes for his sake.Continued on next page >>
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